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  1. Please recommend a free POP3 email service that isn't Gmail, Microsoft or Yahoo. My email service (inbox.com) is ending its free service and going to a paid plan. I don't mind paying them - it's only $9 a year - but they will only accept payment through PayPal and I don't have or want a PayPal account just so I can make one payment a year. So: Free POP3 Not Gmail, Microsoft or Yahoo Please recommend a service that you are personally familiar with and don't just post the results of Google searches. Thank you.
  2. It didn't happen. The moon was too close to the sun and only a 1% crescent. There is no way you could see that with the naked eye.
  3. I don't know how late you will need to stay up. My almanac says the moon will rise at 6:29 am and set at 7:59 pm, pretty much the same as the sun. It will be a 1% crescent so it will probably be washed out by the sun.
  4. Here's a good source for CSS that I have used for several years. http://www.w3schools.com/css/ Sadly, I don't have the discipline to try to learn Javascript. Good luck. Enjoy.
  5. Meanwhile, reacting to the new revelations, the NSA released an official statement saying, "In carrying out its mission, NSA collects only what it is authorized by law to collect for valid foreign intelligence purposes". The statement also said that tools like XKeyscore "have stringent oversight and compliance mechanisms built in at several levels".
  6. That one looks like it will work. Since it's Amazon I can always send it back if it doesn't pass the audio test. Thanks.
  7. As designed and described it's the opposite of what I want - 3 inputs to one output. I want one output to 2 inputs. I know that these things can be reversed sometimes but I wouldn't try it unless it had a mechanical switch.
  8. That looks like the opposite of what I want.
  9. Thanks for your help. I'm going to put this idea on the back burner for now because it's starting to look like more trouble than it's worth for 2-4 hours viewing a week.
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