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  1. i have only done this on xp but it shouldn't be any different for 2000, so yes
  2. if you check about:plugins you will see that you don't have any listings for windows media thereyou need to place these files in your plugins folder in firefox:npdsplay.dllnpdrmv2.dllnpwmsdrm.dllthen it should work
  3. please tell me how I easily can turn it off, i can't find any option for thisthanx
  4. did this only affect IE users?
  5. not alot of new things here in 2.0-close button on tabs-session saver if firefox crashes-spell checking in forms, whoa -better handling of search engines in the "google field"-you can now choose which feed reader you want 2 use-anti-phising is on boardno:-focus on last tab when closing another-resume on download-places the new bookmark-no killer new functionlooks to be a pretty boring release, a well Firefox still rock
  6. my standard version told me 2 update today went finenot sure if i like the new layout though
  7. we are talking about 2 things hereFirst there is the fact that this is Firefox 2.0 betathen this is a portable variant of it, hence rc 2!some people here misses the point if you run the portable one, you will NOT have to worry about your profile and so on, since it creates a new profile inside the portable folder, hence portableif you want to be brave download the normal beta :Dupdate: there is a new verison rc 3 out now:http://tech.cybernetnews.com/2006/07/11/po...se-candidate-3/
  8. try this portable one:http://tech.cybernetnews.com/2006/07/10/po...se-candidate-2/didn't really notice any difference though
  9. but you say it didn't work with the oem cd? as this is a oem license it should workyou will have to phone in to activate it though
  10. The installer creates a separate 90 Mb folder called "OpenOffice.org 2.0 Installation Files" from which you can modify the installation - add, delete, repair. It annoyingly put it on my desktop and wouldn't work after I moved it inside the OpenOffice.org program folder. I had to hack into the registry to modify the installation path. If I had known it was going to do that I would have created the program folder first.sorry late reply:)you can choose where to put this when you install it, it put the files on your desktop since you downloaded the files to the desktop, but you can choose another folder it you want
  11. how long will this beta last?i guess there is a timebomb in it
  12. Firefox 1.5.03 mem usage 121 536kInternet Explorer 6.0.2900 mem usage 45 088 + 35 520 + 31 744 + 28 232 + 27 680 +23 272 = 191 536kFirefox wins hands down
  13. hm where do you place internet explorer then?firefox without extensions still have:tabsrss feedsgoogle search fieldprint without getting pages cutand the list goes on...
  14. is it different from 2005?thinking about buying a media center and then maybe running vista on it
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