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  1. The folks here have been very helpful to me over the years....... you guys and gals rock....and we all have a good sense of humor...lol...
  2. Hey all.....just wanted to pop in here and say "hidee ho". I've been busy with a house project and haven't had much time to check in. Hope all are well. All is good here.
  3. Cool! I like mapscii....... curl.parrot.live gives me a migraine! Can't figure out some, but am looking them up as I go down the list.
  4. That's pretty slick. I haven't used vi, vim or gvim much so I always have to look up the function keys......
  5. You say they have a hard time turning it off.... I just use an alias for halt and issue that command from xterm and it saves me from having to click on tons of BS just to turn things off...alias halt="sudo shutdown -h now" I use zsh instead of bash, so in my alias I have something in there for "halt". So, keeping an xterm open I just type "halt"....no clicking on tons of stuff just to shut things down.
  6. I bet you'd like these too. HP is like A1.....goes with everything.
  7. I tried this last year but I sort of drop it until now. Using Remote.It I can log remotely into the Raspberry Pi I have set up over my folks for spotting planes using Flight Aware for Pi. But can I use it remotely as a music server? It would be cool if that was possible....
  8. Belated birthday wishes to everyone I missed.....I bought one present so y'all are going to have to do good sharing.... what_a_swell_gift!
  9. not sure why I had multiple posts.... mod's can delete
  10. This is what it looks like under my real desktop... for_real
  11. Reminds me about the time when I learned about gapping the points on my Valiant with a matchbook. Man, I'm a mechanic now, so I thought...lol. A few years later I bought my first Ford Escort (used, of course).....One day, I had a problem starting it so I put my mechanics hat on and got my matchbook out and popped the distributor cap and.....NO POINTS! Same thing will happen with WIFI. Now that I'm a wifi guru, next month they'll change it to something else. lol
  12. With all the wireless gadgets I have you'd think I would have figured this out a long time ago! :'(
  13. Holy smoke! To show how ignorant I am, I just learned the meaning "wifi". I thought "wifi" was connecting your computer wirelessly to the internet...well, that's true but it also means connecting wireless devices on a network. Geeze....
  14. Yep, it works. So this is better then having to plug in the extra cable.
  15. Success!!! But, I did something different. https://www.raspberr...ccess-point.md Now I don't even need to use the ethernet cable......but let me double check and verify this.
  16. OK, now to focus on the original mystery.....attaching Pi to lappy with an ethernet cable and ssh'ing to it without wifi. Will be trying the suggestions used in the link you shared, SB.
  17. Just looked and I believe I found the problem. I won't know if it's solved until the next visit. Connecting to the internet from my lappy I use wicd-curses. It only shows what's in site now. I'm sure there's a file that shows connections I use but for now I just used "nm-connection-editor". In plain site I saw "Public Library Internet 2.4GHz" and the other servers I connect to. The wpa-supplicant.conf file on Pi I had the ssid for the library as "Public Library Internet".
  18. OK....Over at my folks visiting. Plugged in Pi and using Fing, I see "raspberrypi" and I'm logged in now. So there is something like a typo or could it be something to do with security at the library? Checking for typos now....
  19. Understand, but the point of doing like what I do (when it works... ) is because I might not have access to a display for setting it up.
  20. I normally don't have a problem doing this. I read that sd cards could be an issue if they are old or generic brands etc. I could have made a typo when writing "ssh" or the "wpa_supplicant.conf" file. It's not connecting to library server. It connected fine when I was using the internet at my folks. When I got to the library yesterday, I did a fresh buster-lite install to another sd card because editing /etc/wpa-supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf on the sd card I used the day before yesterday...the one working with my folks wifi, didn't work.
  21. https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/configuration/wireless/headless.md
  22. https://www.fing.com/products/fing-app/
  23. The whole point of going headless is, I may not have a hdmi cable or display handi or spare keyboard. And I normally don't set Pi up with a static IP. So after booting, I use Fing to show the router I'm connected to and the users along with their IP addresses. If I didn't make a typo setting up the headless Pi, I see it along with the other devices. I read about the app Fing a few years ago. Seems to work for me. Are we talking about the same Fing?
  24. I need to give this Pi stuff up....and just settle for plane spotting.... I was all set to do some serious Pi stuff at the local public library. To start the day off, I realized I forgot my ethernet cable. So I stopped off at Ollies (store with overstocked items) and bought a 25ft one for $3.50. After a few more stops, I headed to the library. I had an extra micro SD card and did a fresh install of Raspbian Buster-Lite and setup for headless mode. For the life of me I could not find Pi (scanning with Fing as an app on my phone). I would love to know how much time over the past few years I've wasted playing with Raspberry Pi....lol .
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