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    Can't find my DVD

    Thanks Andy.I'll have to file that one.I went an extra step in solving my problem...I decided that I needed DVD read capability along with the ability to write to a portable medium, so I bought a DVD/CD-RW drive...one with updated firmware, which I think the original problem was...and presto! Everything now works perfectly.I again thank all that offered possible solutions.
  2. Douger

    Can't find my DVD

    Guess what?Remember how I posted that one of the machines here at work...the DVD is recognized in device manager, but not in My Computer? And how I could see it in browse?Well, I took a look this morning at the laptop...and I can see it in the run dialog box if I browse. It isn't exactly what I want...I want it to work properly. But it's accessable, and therefore workable.I'll keep at it. Thanks to all for your suggestions.
  3. An original IBM PC with 64K of hard wired memory and two clunky 360K floppy drives.Ah, the good old days...when we thought an XT with a V20 chip was hot stuff. Popping memory in...then looking for that one chip in what, 36, that had the bent pin, because the machine wouldn't pass the post test. 10 meg Seagate hard drives that weighed 10 pounds, cost $500, and would irreparably crash if bumped while the heads were writing. WordStar. Lotus. And DOS 2.0.
  4. Douger

    Can't find my DVD

    Allow me to play devil's advocate for a second...even with a dirty lens, wouldn't Windows still be able to recognize the electronics of the drive, and report it's existance?There's a computer show here in Baltimore this weekend...the more I think about it, the more I need something I can write to. I'm thinking CR-RW/DVD-ROM drive. I would have liked to have kept the one installed now as a backup. I was hoping to get this one up and running before spending a $100 or more on new hardware, only to find out it won't work on this unit.
  5. Douger

    Can't find my DVD

    Yep, that's the drive it is.I went to drivers.com looking for drivers...all they had were drivers for Win98 and DOS. According to all of the information I can find, the drivers are integrated with the Win XP setup.I did see something for firmware, though. I was a bit loathe to try that solution, not being clear on the procedure.Then again, what the hey...I've really got nothing to lose, huh?
  6. Douger

    Can't find my DVD

    Thanks for the welcome.It's both types of DVD that I'm having trouble with.I did add the Power DVD trial version, but that didn't help either.What I didn't try, and the issue came up here at work with one of the computers here, is that the DVD wasn't recognized in My Computer, but it was seen in the browse part of the "run" dialog box. Since my interest at the time was installing a program, that's what I did...it's not my job to fix hardware or software issues. But as one of the "geeks," I've inherited the job of keeping the machines up to date.
  7. I've been rolling my own since the mid 80s.I've usually worked with a full tower case, as I find it much easier to work with.I then upgrade in small steps...once I get the motherboard up and running, I'll pile on the peripherals.I've never got the latest and greatest, but I do have an adequete machine for the little bit of futzing around I do.I'll probably start the cycle over again this year...my AMD Thunderbird board is maxed out at 2200+. I'm waiting for the 64 bit boards to come down in price a bit, as well as development of software written for it.AMD Thunderbird 2200+1 gig PC3200 memory2-120 gig hard drives (Maxtor ATA 133 with 8 mb cache)CD-R/RWDVD R+R-R/WGeforce 4400 128 meg DDR
  8. I think XP defaults to DMA mode on installation, but it's something to look into.Control panel: system: hardware: device manager: IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers: primary IDE channel: advanced settings: select "DMA if available" from dropdown menu. Click "OK." Do the secondary channel the same way. I'm not sure that you have to, but I reboot after changing anything like that.While you're in device manager, make sure you're not having any conflicts with your listed devices...no yellow exclamation points. If so, resolve and retest.
  9. Douger

    Can't find my DVD

    As I find suggestions I've tried in other places, I'll post them in this post, so someone doesn't waste their time offering suggestions I've already tried...but I appreciate the thought.Both the primary and secondary IDE channels are set at DMA mode...and the CD/DVD is on the secondary channel.I've tried the hardware test in the "BIOS" setup...it is recognized as a DVD ROM at the base level, and the diagnostic ran fine.
  10. Maybe someone can point me towards a solution that's eluding me.I bought an old IBM Thinkpad 600E on eBay. My intention is to use this at the hangar, as I now have my maintenance manuals on CD.After a bit of upgrading...40 gig HD, and a boost from 128 meg to 256 meg of PC133 memory, I bought an old Matsu****a SR8171 CD/DVD ROM.I installed it with no problems, and it reads CDs just fine.DVDs...that's a different story.Windows recognizes the drive as a CD/DVD in device manager, but it won't in System Info, My Computer, or Media Player. It recognizes the device as a CD ROM only. When trying to access a DVD disc, I get an error about an unrecognized media. The disc works fine in my desktop. I've tried both data discs and video discs...no dice.I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drive, physically as well as in device manager and a search for drivers on the internet has proven fruitless...all info that I can find says the drivers are on the Windows XP Pro installation.I'm amenable to the fact that the drive may be defective...at $35, I'm not out much. But before I give up, I'd like to see if there's something I'm missing.Help?added in edit...in summary, what I have is an IBM Thinkpad 600E laptop...366 PII CPU...288 meg memory...40 gig HD...Win XP Pro with all updates current...and a balky CD/DVD ROM.
  11. For what it's worth, I had a bit of trouble setting up my DI-604 router.It wouldn't allow my computer to connect, although the other computer was surfing the internet just fine. After beating my head against the wall, checking and rechecking my internet settings, rebooting, etc, I simply unplugged and plugged back in the ethernet cable from my USB NIC. Bingo! No problems since.I, too am on Comcast. I think I used the default settings.
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