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  1. Thanks guys! Bodhi Linux has been running so well that I haven't been dropping by much. Great to see you all again though!
  2. Thanks for the kind thoughts everyone! It really could have been so much worse. I'm in a lot of pain at the moment so I'll keep this short. Surgery on Wednesday morning.
  3. If you set it up for a long enough exposure time, you MAY get enough light to work with your unaltered D40. That's why I was surprised to read this: But it's been rather a while since I've investigated this; they may well have discovered a way to overcome the long exposures. Hope customs lets your stuff through quickly!
  4. Yeah, Chip's been busy trying to generate enough money to live on. Working 2 days a week definitely beats a blank, but... Colin, IR photography is amazing stuff. Back in the "film" days, it wasn't such a big deal. You just picked up a few rolls of IR film and put it into your camera. But it's different in the digital age. Your camera's sensor is tuned to chop off everything outside of the visible light spectrum to reduce image noise. As a result, this isn't a Photoshop issue. You need the right hardware and that eBay Lumix has it. The sensor on that thing has been re-tuned to register in the IR range and it should work really well. Use it with a tripod, since the exposure times are going to be higher - sometimes significantly higher. That Lumix was converted by Kolari Vision, and they've got a good reputation on both quality and price. I'm guessing that you've already seen their tutorials page. If not, there's a lot of worthwhile stuff there. http://www.kolarivision.com/tutorials.html The Lumix DMC-FH20 is what I'd call an "adequate" camera and it's a great way to get your feet wet without spending too much. If you really fall in love with IR after playing with it a while, you might consider having them convert a more capable camera. Sorry to have been absent for so long, but that's the way it goes sometimes...
  5. I was surprised and encouraged to discover that psychedelics have made a big comeback among the kids in the past few years. It really does teach them to think of things in different ways. And let's not forget one important thing - not one whit of progress was EVER made by following the directions.
  6. I've heard you say this before, and I'm glad it's working out for you Eric. But SuzyQ had a minor accident last spring. She walked away, but not before some Good Samaritan took her to Tampa General Hospital. She spent four hours there and got seven stitches in her scalp. And then she got a bill for $43,000. They weren't kidding either, though where an unemployed single mom is going to round up that kind of money is a mystery. They keep calling though. If that were me, and I ended up dying, they'd have that bill out of my estate. I am NOT going that way if I can help it.
  7. I've pretty much given up on ever having health insurance again. But because I own my own home, I can't go to the hospital - if I do, there'll be nothing left for the kids. So I figure I'll do my best to live until I catch something, and then simply die of it. If you find me twitching on the floor, do NOT call an ambulance! I'll either get up or I won't. I've had a good run, and we all die sooner or later anyhow. I'd rather leave something for the kids.
  8. Happy Birthday to Eggdog, Eric, Amenditman, Rakemup, and all I have missed since last logging in here...
  9. How can you tell? We don't enforce a Real Name Policy herd...
  10. Happy Birthday Mark Shuttleworth!And to everyone else I've missed in the past couple of months...
  11. That's actually pretty clever, Corrine!
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