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    In the mind of a madman, in the form of biological data.
  1. Okay, I will go and check them out first, thanks for all the help!
  2. Anything special I need to know about those, or what kind I need to get? (does it depend on brand, etc)
  3. Well how the heck do I get the ethernet card to connect right?
  4. It's DSL, and I'm not sure what brand it is.
  5. Okay, I burned the CDs just fine, the checksums came out all okay, but after installing Linux I was unable to use my cable modem, it keeps making the default connection my Ethernet card (which just came with my computer). I use a USB external modem, does anyone know how I can get it to recognize that? It already comes up in hardware management under "Unknown Devices", and I've already tried connection manager. Any words of advice? Or am I going to have to start from scratch?
  6. I have Nero, but mostly I use CloneCD. I'm going to make them now.
  7. No. I do it all the time, lol.*Emulator geek*
  8. I tried Dutch and it would be 70 hours.So far the best one is Californian, and it will take at least 15+ hours.Talk to you tomorrow. Lol.
  9. Well, that particular mirror would make it take over 18 hours to download each one even on DSL. So yea I would like another, please.
  10. No, I don't have one ready yet, though I can quickly (I have DSL, bwaha), I have a 37.2 GB HD, with 16.6 GB free. It's not partitioned seperately, that's my problem. I do not know how to do it using Windows XP.
  11. I have no frigging clue how to do it. I want to make a dual-boot system of Windows XP and Linux. Every place I've looked at has "instructions" that are just analogies and graphs for retards who don't know why you need dual-boot.Please, someone give me actualy INSTRUCTIONS on how to do it.Thanks.
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