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  1. Anyone know where I can get my hands on a good hard drive cloning utility? I want to take my main hard drive, and just clone it. It's perfect, just slow.
  2. I am just finishing up with a new Asus build an ATI card. It has been great fun price shopping. If you build your own one good trick is to find the cheapest parts on pricewatch or bizrate, and then click through to the site. The catch is you need to only buy the item you clicked through. If you build your entire system through one website you will pay alot more for shipping and often they give you a special discount if you click through from a price comparison site. I priced my current system at $3000 on 3-4 sites buying all the parts from one web retailer, but by clicking through was able to get free shipping and much lower prices. Got it down to $2200, but I had to fill out way to many forms.The worst part was when my credit card company noticed "unusual activity" on my account from the 10 different charges from 7-8 different websites. They froze my card half way through, and it took me a week to figure out which charges went through, and which ones I had to reorder.... Even worse after I figured it all out, my monitor had gone UP in price $200 at the website I originally ordered from, and I couldn't find it that cheap anywhere (Viewsonic VX2000, $1045 up to $1099) so I spent another $50 at a different site. I think I'll have to get a new credit card number now with my CC info floating around in so many different places on the web.The new PC rocks though, and I won't find any large manufacturers putting together a system that will even approach mine for 6 months I'm sure.Cheers!!!
  3. I miss my pre-PC days...TI-99Commodore 64Apple IIcApple IIgsAmiga2000Then I sold my soul to Microsoft.
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