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  1. JerryM

    CanonTS 6120

    Thanks, Eric. Best, Jerry
  2. JerryM

    CanonTS 6120

    Several months ago I replaced my HP printer with a Canon TS 6120.I don't really ike it, but it does a good job for Greeting Cards. I have' not figured when I woould use the rear tray, unless it would for different size paper. I don't find a way to choose which tray to use. Any help apprecated, Thanks. Jerry
  3. Hi zlim, I think that might have fixed it. I'll need to print various docs or pages to verify. Many thanks, Jerry
  4. Security Breach, I am using W 10. Mostly it is email but also some sites. The model is the ts 6100. Thanks, Jerry
  5. I recently purchased a new printer, a Canon 6100. It sometimes fails to print the whole page horizontally. I have searched the web, and evidently that is not uncommon, but I have not found a solution. If I cannot find a solution I will give this one away, and get an HP assuming HPs are not having such problems. Anyone with experience with such problems? Thanks, Jerry
  6. I bought a HP 570 po64 from Best Buy. Regards, Jerry
  7. I am in the market for a new computer. In checking Staples showed an HP Pavillion 570-p025 for 469.99. I decided that would suit my needs, but when I went to buy it today it is out of stock and they are not sure they can even get one. A check revealed they cannot order one. They had a similar Dell, but it is also out- of- stock. I can get one from Amazon, but it is refurbished. I have ordered refurbished sound equuipment without any regret. It would seem a refurbished item would be fine as it has been checked, Fixed, and guaranteed. I wonder if anyone here has bought a refurbished computer and your opinions? Thanks, Jerry
  8. Thanks a lot. It sounds as if it might be too complicated for me. I appreciate the help. Regards, Jerry
  9. Thanks raymac46. Jerry
  10. You are not forced to sign up for Instant Ink. My husband doesn't print enough to justify this so I made sure I declined that when I bought him a new printer in August of 2017. In fact, I just replaced his black cartridge yesterday and the expiration date was April 2018. I thought perhaps the printer would refuse to use it. So he used 1 cartridge for 10 months. Paying $119.88 a year for 1 cartridge would be ridiculous! Of course HP would try to convince you the cartridge needed replacing when it didn't. My old printer does that with a flashing light. I ignore the flashing light and keep on printing. I can tell when I need a new cartridge by what comes out of the printer not any flashing light. What is the new printer? Thanks, Jerry
  11. I make greeting cards, and of course they use a lot of color normally. One reason I have not replaced my current printer is that I have several cartridges and it takes 5 color plus black. I suppose in time I'll have to just sacrifice some. I know the expired problem. I have at least one expired in my printer now, and it warns me about damage and warranty problems. I ignore it and if the printer quits then I will ditch it. I guess there is not data available to compare costs of the various numbers of cartridges. Ink is expensive. Jerry
  12. Hi Bill, Although I will abide by whatever policy the forum states, I disagree with a requirement not to post on more than one forum. When it comes to security I trust Wilders more. But overall this forum has, in my view, the most expertise on most other matters. Considering this question you posted an answer on Wilders, and Scots also, While I value your opinion I want other opinions. Surely you would not state that you were the last word on anything. What does it matter if there are conflicting opinions or someone does a little extra work to help another. Isn't that a major reason for these forums? I can sort that out to meet my needs, even though I have little knowledge of these subjects. Sometimes I have found one forum to take a long time to answer, Wilders sometimes, while this forum is much more prompt. I don't buy the spammer argument. When a member has been so for years it is obvious that he is not trying to spam. Anyway, until one of the mods tells me not to post on but one forum I will continue to attempt to get needed information on both this forum and Wilders. Thank for your help through the years, and look forward to more of that help, along with others. Regards, Jerry
  13. Hi Bill You do get around. Thanks for the assessment of HP on Wilders. I am also considering the Canon Pixma TS 9120 which has 6 ink cartridges. Ink is a problem and 6 seems to be a lot, considering cost. Thanks, Jerry
  14. Anyone with experience with the HP Envy 7155 printer? Thanks, Jerry
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