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  1. Wow, great detective work, Mac! Thanks a million... writing to them now.
  2. My thoughts exactly, so here's the last chapter in this disgusting story. I was dumb enough (it turns out) to buy another Mr. Coffee from my local Target store, thinking that the first one was from Amazon, so a different source would be OK. No Way! The second pot also has roaches and is now history.In order to be a good citizen, I tried to find some way to email Amazon and can't find ANY way to contact them. Amazing. I did go to my local Target store and speak to the manager about this, asking her to pull the Mr. Coffee boxes from her shelves and have some of them inspected. She said she doesn't have the authority to do that but will speak to upper management about it. Yeah, sure...I did find the Mr. Coffee web pages and sent a note to them explaining the whole sad saga, and suggesting a warehousing issue somewhere. I asked them to do a little detective work (not in those words) to see if they can find where the problem is. I VERY SPECIFICALLY said that I don't want anything, I'm just trying to be a good citizen.The email I got from Mr. Coffee proved they never read my input. It was a standard "send us your purchase receipt" and we'll refund or replace. I was so furious that I sent another email asking them to really read my first. I'm positive I'll never hear anything... Somewhere, somehow, there are probably other people with cockroaches, wondering where they came from.PS This time I bought a Black & Decker coffee maker and am keeping it under observation on the vanity in my master bathroom, just in case. So far, so good!
  3. Amen to that from a veteran. Unfortunately, your Snopes link is bad however.Edited to Add: This seems to be the correct link: snopes.com: Veterans Return Desks
  4. This is not a mission-critical item, but something I'd like to fix (hack) if possible and I've been Googling on it and can't find an answer, even at the Microsoft site.Is the Windows clipboard "protected" in some way for (possible) security improvement or something? Can one change or patch around it?I use ClipMate Clipboard Extender and have multiple licenses so I have it running in Windows 7. It IS certified for Win 7 and is working just fine.However, I also have an old, old program called Smiley Pad which is out of business but I've been using in XP for quite some time. It's a smiley management program that allows me to keep my own stock of smileys and insert them in text, emails or forum postings. Smiley Pad is not working in Win 7 and I think it's a problem with the clipboard even though I'm using Clipmate.When I attempt to insert a smiley, the drag-n-drop looks OK and there is (the normal) Smiley Pad "chirp" sound that it makes when you drag a smiley, but no smiley appears, such as I just tried to do in this post.So, does anyone know if MS is doing something "special" with the Win 7 clipboard to protect me from myself?
  5. Hmmm, that's an interesting point. I don't know what the difference might be between a laptop and desktop but my case is a desktop on which Win7 is not running during the night. The same as your laptop shutdown? I would think so. But when I boot (turn on?) Win7 each morning, it had not been checking as my posts stated. Good luck to all who are using the regedit fix or not...
  6. Well, it happened! Yesterday morning, after brewing my morning coffee and pouring a cup, I went to the computer to do my email and stuff. After drinking a cup I went back to the kitchen and THERE was another creature right near the base of the coffee maker. I killed it as "gently" as I could with a tissue, wrapped up the tissue, pot, can of coffee in a big plastic bag with a twist tie. This time, instead of taking the one-day old pot apart, I decided to pay a visit to a local entomologist and let HIM take it apart. As soon as he unfolded the tissue and looked at the bug we were both amazed that it was wounded but still alive with legs moving. However, he immediately pronounced it a German cockroach - yuck!He took the bottom off the coffee maker but didn't attempt to remove the electronics because he immediately saw one or two more live roaches inside. I'm not of a notion or in the mood for a long accusatory dialogue with the Mr. Coffee company, so I had him re-bag the whole shootin' match (except my can of coffee) and put it in his garbage bin. He said he didn't need to examine the coffee because I keep it in the freezer and that would kill them if there were bugs in the coffee.Of course my entomologist friend is not of a notion to accuse Mr. Coffee either, because he would "prefer" to come to my house and do an inspection and/or fumigation if any are found. We put that step on hold so I can spend a few days observing my kitchen to see if any more show up. I think (and hope) that it WAS the coffee makers because of my test of standing it in an entirely different location, unplugged and NOT warmed up. But, a few days to a week should tell. One thing for sure, I'll never buy another Mr. Coffee AND when I get over the disgust, I don't know what I WILL buy. Temporarily, I'm getting my morning coffee from McDonald's which is right down at the end of my street. It just means I have to get dressed a bit earlier than I'm used to. Yuck!
  7. I'd like to see your comments about the alleged multiple signature file updates every day and whether you get them AUTOMATICALLY or not. See my post (and Striker's link) in http://forums.scotsnewsletter.com/index.ph...st&p=281259. To my mind, MSE comes up way short and users are being fooled into thinking that their protection is UP TO DATE and it's not.
  8. Thanks for the link, Striker, I hadn't seen THAT article and it confirms what I've been observing although not for seven days. Example:Today my Win 7 has been running since the wee hours of the morning and the MSE icon is green, misleading me into thinking it's up to date. I checked the level when I got up this morning and the file was 1.69.476.0 dated November 2.I just got home a short time ago, same green icon, same file level. So I manually updated and guess what: 1.69.530.0 dated November 4! Two days and what appears to be MANY levels of difference (476 to 530 if the numbers mean anything).MSE is gonna take a hike later today and I'm going back to (free) Avast which at LEAST updates itself every day, sometimes more than once if necessary. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.:"> . . .
  9. I'm not sure what EULA you're referring to, Stryker, but yes, I have read and am familiar with the Palm EULA. I've known for many years that they don't support third-party software with their Palm handhelds, but they don't "forbid" such use. If you have a problem with a third-party app like a game or some such, Palm will refer you to the publisher. And that's OK with me. I understand their policy.It's just that I've always used (for many years) the Palm Desktop and Hotsynch software and it only works with Outlook or Palm Desktop. Since I've used both over the years, I've never had to try to learn about other synch programs. I AM reading as much and as fast as I can on the web. Thanks for the cautionary words.
  10. Thanks! I've been to that page many times and that's where I first learned of Version 6 which (according to the "whispers" of their tech guy who helped me some months ago) is somewhat problematic. That's why he gave me a link to 4.2 which surprisingly, doesn't show up anywhere on the Palm pages. As I mentioned in my last post, I did install Palm Desktop 4.2 in my Win 7 Pro and it's working just fine, including hotsynch (handheld-Palm Desktop).The page doesn't however talk about this third-party conduit thing and I guess I could mark it as case closed because I don't need Pimlical. But, it's a nice looking program and I'm waiting for an answer from them about what program they would recommend for synching. They only say that the Palm Hotsynch program will not work and you have to get, ahem, a third party program to do so.I'm still looking out of curiosity. Thanks again for the pointer!
  11. I know I'm talking to myself here, but this is the latest. I installed a trial version of Pimlico's Pimlical software. In order to get the Palm Hotsynch software, I also installed the Palm Desktop Version 4.2 and it seems to work OK in Windows 7. So, I guess I don't really need Pimlical, but my curiosity is aroused now.What in the world is third party "conduit" software and can someone point me to something that's safe and worthwhile. Otherwise, I don't know how to tell Palm's Hotsynch that I want to use something else for my PC software.
  12. Sounds like good detective work to me, Pete! It had to be "A" because I would think if there were varmints in my kitchen, I'd see them elsewhere and I'm clean all around. Unfortunately, it's too late to take it apart (or try) since my trash was picked up yesterday.The replacement I bought, this time from the local Target, is also a Mr. Coffee and I'm keeping a CLOSE eye on it. If the problem recurs, I'm gonna get out my screwdriver, out in the yard of course!
  13. I've already had a quick reply from Pimlico Software saying that he thinks the Palm Desktop software is OK for Windows 7 but he neglected to say whether he meant 4.x or 6.x so I'm not sure what to do.He also said that Pimlico's Pimlical will work in Windows 7 so I'm gonna read up on that one.
  14. Three months ago my old coffee maker crapped out so I bought another Mr. Coffee 4-cup from Amazon. Remember the old Joe D. commercials? I have no idea where these things are manufactured but the pamphlet says it was printed in China but Mr. Coffee is in Boca Raton, Florida. Anyway, I've used it without incident for three months except that I couldn't make McDonald's quality coffee if my life depended on it!A couple of days ago I noticed what I thought were 2 or 3 ANTS in the vicinity of the coffee pot. I'm not sure now that they WERE ants because they move so fast and it was hard to see what they really look like. I squashed 'em with the palm of my hand because they moved so fast I couldn't do it with my finger. When I came home yesterday afternoon, there were several more, which I squashed using the palm of my hand. I thought, oh no, another ANT infestation with the weather turning colder and they might be trying to come into the house. But WHY only right there around the coffee pot and nowhere else? I'm usually very careful not to leave spills of any kind because of my history of ant problems.The next morning there was a bigger swarm of them around the coffee maker and I lifted it into the air to see underneath and that's where they were. I think I managed to squash them all but I'm not sure. About that time I got to thinking - is it possible that the coffee maker had an insect nest inside it when I bought it and it's taken all this time for the bugs to "germinate?" I took the thing out to the courtyard and set it on the bricks for "observation." In the meantime, up until I left at 11 am, I saw NO MORE bugs (whatever they are).When I got home that afternoon I got down on my hands and knees in the courtyard trying to examine the coffee maker and the surrounding area to see if I saw any more bugs. Didn't see a thing, so I brought it into the house for a final test. I put it on the kitchen counter over the dishwasher, where there's a lot of clean and empty space. Within an hour, the site was crawling with whatever the doggone bugs are. I killed them all and took the coffee maker out to the garage for a "funeral" in my herbie. Now, I got to thinking - I just opened a new can of coffee (Kroger brand). There have been national news media stories long ago about contaminated coffee. Is it possible that these bugs are in that fresh can of coffee? I put a couple of scoops of the coffee spread out on a couple of paper towels on that same clean space on the counter. I checked it every 30 minutes and saw no more bugs! So I figure the coffee's OK.BTW, I got in the car and drove over to Target to buy a replacement pot. So, that's my sci-fi story of the week. Any ideas? (although I've already trashed the pot!)
  15. I just wanted to post that I've been running MSE for awhile now, first in the Win7 RC and now in the "gold" (RTM) version. It hasn't been long enough to tell how good a "protection" job it's doing, but so far so good. I'm not sure I fully understand this yet, but it's tied to the Windows update process, so for the first time I have Windows 7 set for auto-update, but...My system is a multi-boot one of XP, Vista and Win7 controlled by VistaBootPRO. Because I have my nightly imaging run by Shadow Protect in XP, I don't leave Vista or Win7 booted during the night. When I boot to Windows 7 in the morning, the little MSE icon will usually be red in color indicating it's downlevel in definitions. This morning I was notified that there are two Windows updates (I guess because the OS had not been running overnight) so I OK'd installing them. After doing so, the red MSE icon turned green making me think that it too had gotten definition updates.Not true! I opened MSE, clicked update and the download installed a more recent definitions file. So, MSE is still a work in progress for me. If I have to update it MANUALLY every day I'll probably go back to Avast.
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