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    Just another OF who is still kindof a Nerd and Geek.<br>Still program in Basic under WinXP in cmd window.<br>"GWBASIC.EXE" works in a CMD window under Server 2003 also. I use IBM's Personal Editor also. Only text editor that does vertical column moves, deletes and inserts.<br>10 for I =1 to 10<br>20 print "HI";i;" Times<br>30 next I<br>40 Print "That's enough intro"<br>50 close all:end<br><br>Rich

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    Pentium 4, 1gig ram 2*160Gig SATA drives Windows XP
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    P4 1 gig, windows server 2003 80gig scsi 320 drives.
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    laptop p4 512meg ram 15" toshiba
  1. I bought a 256gig crucial for less than $450 a couple of months ago and it works great.price is probably cheaper now.Rich
  2. Oh do I long for the days of my 160K 5 1/4" floppy drive. and they cost $5 each.Rich
  3. I have used Vopt for almost 15 years, the program has lots of options that I like, it is fast.I have graduated to SSD drives so there isn't any advantage to defragging but my regular hard disks perform betterafter a full defrag.I don't have any financial interest, it is just a good product.vopt.com will get you there for a trial.Rich
  4. Alt PrintSCR captures the active windowPrintSCR captures the whole screen.Then paste into word or WordPad and then saveshould do the trick without installing some program.But, I prefer Snagit as it really does a great job.Rich
  5. I have used and like Vipre from sunbelt software.I have the vipre premium for my home machines (all you can eat version)also, most of my clients like it and feel that it has a small footprint which many of the others are very intrusive.YMMVRich
  6. I have had very good luck with Toshiba. I have had about 6 of them ever since the toshiba 386 yellow screen ones.Never had to return one or have any serious problems except I dropped the old 386 and had to spend money toreplace the screen.I now have two model A505-s6979 that I bought at Micro Center. Came with a 64gig SSD as the C drive and a 320Gig hard disk as the D:good full keyboard and 16" screen. 512 nvidea graphics board and 64bit w/4gigs ramall for $1299. I put a 80gig Intel SSD in my main laptop which makes it quiet and fast.If you are going to run Windows7 and want to run the Virtual Hard disk from MS, you need to make surethat the model you purchase supports virtualization. Otherwise you have to run someone else's vpc program.all in all, I recommend Toshiba Laptops.Rich
  7. Virtual PC also runs on Windows 7 Professional as well as the business and ultimate. (provided your bios supports the virtual thing..)FWIWRich
  8. If your organization is a non-profit then there is a site called techsoup.org where the non-profit can sign up and purchase forpennies on the dollar, microsoft and other products and hardware. Like Office 2003/7 for $10 a copy. But the non-profitmust be a 5019c)(3) organization.YMMVRich
  9. "Vista can see all the other shared drives in the house but not I can't map it as a networked drive either."If you can't map the drive in Vista then no backup program will recognize the drive.I assume that the device is what they call a NAS Or network attached storage.You could figure out how to access the drive by reading the doc with your NAS and what could be the problem isaccess permissions to the drive.Most have a Browser interface to setup access by installing userid's and network workgroups. Did you NAS come with a cdrom? if so then you might have to check the manufacturers site for vista drivers.YMMVrich
  10. As the device says:This 2-port passive splitter is a handy item when you need another network connection but don’t have the time or the money to add another cable drop. Simply plug one device to your work area network port and another unit to the corresponding patch panel port. Now you can run two network devices over the same network cable. Sold individually, this item must be used in pairs for each installation, one on each end of the cable.You must use them in PAIRS. Placing one of these at the ethernet jack on the wall will not work.YMMV Rich
  11. What you are evidently after is an argument. Your sarcastic response will definately push some to never answering any future questions you might have.rich
  12. I believe that SP3 for XP has some increased security and therefore I recommend you install it.I have installed SP3 on at least 25 computers and none of them had any problems. YMMVI recommend that if the MS update says that SP3 is available for your computer then install it.One recommendation is to disable AV and Internet Security programs before installing SP3Rich
  13. I recommend minasi.com and his forums for high level advice for windows server manipulations.http://web2.minasi.com/forum/http://minasi.comMark Minasi is a highly respected author and speaker. It is not for newbies or non-techi's.there are some real high powered techi's on his forum.rich
  14. I slipsreamed sp3 for windows xp based on a pcmag article, It worked great and was so easy that I thought I had messed upbut it does work.http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2325399,00.aspis the article.rich
  15. I received this sad message this morning but can't put the info in any forum like announcements.I have known Ed for many years and thought that he was a great columnist and blogger.I'm sorry to inform you all that my dad, Ed Foster, Died on Saturday of an apparent heart attack. He was 59. He was very proud of the work he had done and the community he had built here. He was very engaged in what you all had to say, and we had many running instant message conversations about comments or emails people had sent. He was an extremely smart man, and he loved to be mentally stimulated, whether it was a good book, an interesting conversation, or one of the many comments you posted that made him look at something in a slightly different way. As you can probably tell, I'm not half the writer my dad was, and it's very difficult for me to think of the words to say what I feel(It doesn't help that when I get stuck on a word or phrase, I think "I know, I'll ask my dad!") , but I just want everybody to know that this site and the people on it meant a lot to him. I'm going to miss him. More then words could express, even if he was here to help me think of them. Services are going to be held on Saturday. For more information, Please email me jeffmfoster@gmail.com.Rich
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