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  1. One can only hope! Because for me InCD really took the edge of the Nero package. I realise a lot of people don't use packet writers much because of fears about the stability of CDRW disks among other things, so they can probably get by with a sub-standard packet writer. But I use mine a **** of a lot. I have about 10 CDRWs in use, 4 of them regularly and often, and they are getting quite old - the oldest would be well over two years now. In that time I have lost one file. Not one CD, one file.You're probably right about v4, and I've also heard reports that DirectCD under its new name in EasyCD 6 is pretty troublesome, so it would seem the worm may have turned full circle.But I am perfectly happy with DirectCD, EasyCD 5 and Nero 5. All 3 work for me, so I have no need for EasyCD 6, InCD 4 or any new version of Nero at this stage.Gus - A packet writer is not a replacement for mastering software, it's a supplement.Under normal circumstances you use mastering software (Nero, EasyCD etc) to burn static data to CDR (write once) disks on a one-time basis. You use a packet writer (DirectCD, InCD) usually with CDRW (rewriteable) disks because the application is pretty well invisible and the disk becomes just like a Hard Drive or a floppy - accessible through Windows Explorer or any other file manipulation application.
  2. You're kidding, right? Paint and Notepad!Notepad hasn't changed since Windows 3.1. It can still only handle 64kb files and has NO features.There are about a zillion better replacements out there. I use Notepad+ which seamlessly replaces MS Notepad. Then there's Notepad++, EditPad etc etc etcWhoops - hiccups, sorry.
  3. You're kidding, right? Paint and Notepad!Notepad hasn't changed since Windows 3.1. It can still only handle 64kb files and has NO features.There are about a zillion better replacements out there. I use Notepad+ which seamlessly replaces MS Notepad. Then there's Notepad++, EditPad etc etc etc
  4. That's exactly what I'm suggesting.After using DirectCD for two years I got a new burner which came with Nero, so I uninstalled all the Roxio software including DirectCD and installed Nero/InCD. After struggling with InCD for 3 weeks, I bought easyCD 5 just to get back to DirectCD.InCD would not read or write to CDRWs I had previously formatted and used with DirectCD, so I couldn't use anything on my old CDRWs.If I used InCD during a Windows session, I could not use Nero in the same session, because once you've activated InCD it takes control of the burner and doesn't let go. The only way to get back to Nero was to reboot.I am now back with DirectCD v3. It reads and writes to all my CDRWs regardless of what packet writer they've been used with before - DirectCD v1, InCD or DirectCD v3.DirectCD does exactly what a packet writer should do. It works when it's needed, and disappears when it's not. It is a great application. InCD sucks.
  5. "Roxio = very eye candy + nice GUI, but too integrated with Windows."What do you mean by that? The mastering software stands alone, no different to Nero, and if you're referring to DirectCD, that's the whole point of it or any other packet writing program. In fact, the problem with Nero's InCD is that it doesn't integrate well with Windows.
  6. Here are a few more:-Aida32 - System info, better than BelarcStar Downloader - free download enhancer (I prefer that term to accelerator)Spybot S&DStartup Cop - take control of what starts automaticallyEnditall - version 1, not 2FontPage - Font handlerDup Detector - great if you have lots of image filesFavorg - A brilliant little app that checks all your favorite links for validity, and also saves favicons so you don't lose them when you clear your cache.Create Favorites Home Page - turns your IE Favorites into an HTML home page.AddAButton - add custom buttons to your IE toolbar
  7. The surprising thing is that Roxio make average mastering software (it has never caused me any trouble, but Nero is better) and an absolutely terrific packet writer (DirectCD) while Ahead Nero make excellent mastering software and an abysmally poor packet writer (InCD).
  8. The first one will go down like a lead balloon with some people.DirectCD. Brilliant program. Install it and forget it. It just sits there and WORKS. (Unlike InCD, which sucks big time)IrfanView Windows Commander (dual-pane Windows Explorer replacement - shareware)2xExplorer (as above - free)Notepad+ (Yep, it's a Notepad replacement)Paintshop Pro 6 (at the level I need, it's fine)CoolEdit 2000 (wav/mp3 editor)WinAmp 2.8x (no higher)WinMXI may add more when I get home tonight, but that'll do for starters
  9. I'm going to put in a good word for EasyCD, at least version 5.I’ve never had any trouble with it for data or audio. In fact I prefer it to Nero for audio – it’s wave editor is excellent for cleaning tracks off tape or vinyl. And the other place where it wins hands down is the packet writer. DirectCD is just about the nicest bit of software I own. It just sits in the tray and WORKS – genuine install and forget. Nero’s InCD on the other hand is an absolute dog. When I bought a new burner it came with Nero so I uninstalled all my old Adaptec/Roxio software and installed the new Nero. Well, InCD wouldn’t read or write to any of the CDRWs that DirectCD had written. And if I used InCD I then couldn’t use Nero without rebooting – InCD just takes over the burner and doesn’t let go. After 2 weeks of struggling with this I bought EasyCD 5, uninstalled InCD, installed DirectCD and haven’t looked back. Unlike InCD, DirectCD reads and writes to any packet writer CD with no problem, does its job and goes back to sleep.It's probably worth adding that I use the packet writer quite a lot - enough that the constant rebooting InCD necessitated was more than just an occasional nuisance.In summary, Nero is more powerful and flexible. EasyCD is simpler and more intuitive. Depends on what's more important to you. Both work fine, at least for me.Quote from way back somewhere:-"3. EasyCD Creator. Did you know that the C: drive is hard coded into that piece of software? If you do not install it on the C: drive, it does not work." That statement is just plain good old-fashioned rubbish. Mine has been on F: for ever, both version 3.5 which I still keep 'cos I like the cover designer, and version 5.More good stuff - Logitech mouseware. I even use it with an MSW mouse at work on a Windows 2000 machine, because the MS mouse software just doesn't work in an old DOS game there, while the Logitech software works flawlessly.File sharing. WinMX. There are apps around that let WinMX tap into the OpenNap server network, which makes it pretty powerful, and spyware/adware-free.
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