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  1. Thanks, Eric. Of course I had never turned any of the notifications on. Also, I only received posts from the Birthday Forum, none of the others, strange. But as long as I don't get any more, excellent. Thanks a bunch Eric.
  2. HELP!! Can't any Admin or Mod view all of the garbage (well, maybe not garbage) that I am still receiving? If the only way to end this would to be to kill my membership then DO IT, I am willing. But I would really hate to do that. I don't chime in much but I do linger at times. Cleaning out my Inbox is starting to get maddening. Acadia
  3. First of all, I want to thank the gazillion of you for the birthday wishes, well maybe not a gazillion but many. Only problem: It is not my birthday! Thanks anyways, Acadia
  4. Deleted by original poster.
  5. Thank God and thank you, Scot, for the response. Acadia
  6. Boy, can I ever relate to that. While testing Linux many years ago I was amused by the Linux fanboys who were complaining about all of the monthly Microsoft Windows updates. Well, Linux constantly had many, many more updates than Windows, dozens more. Maybe things have changed since back then, I don't know, but I simply want things to work. As I too get older I live more and more by the motto: Keep It Simple Stupid; I only wish I knew more about the iMacs, are they simpler than Windows systems. Acadia
  7. zlim, I see that you are a Registered Linux User. If you really know how to use Linux why would you need anything else? Acadia (by the way, still love your Signature)
  8. Thanks everyone for all replies. Despite purchasing three books to help me switch from Windows to Apple I will probably stay with Windows. But will wait to purchase a new system for a while hoping MS gets its monthly updating worked out. Acadia
  9. Cool, I apologize, and with your information it makes sense. After all, I cannot name another website that allows so many people, OS religious wise, to speak so openly no matter WHAT they use, Linux, Windows, or Apple. Acadia
  10. Scot doesn't show up at his own forum?!?! By the way, love your signature. Acadia
  11. Hey, Scot, many years ago when you did your newsletter, you did a series where you compared the Apple OS to Windows. I don't remember if you also compared Linux. Eventually you came to the conclusion that you favored Apple. Many years later, do you still favor Apple over Windows? You don't need to answer this if you don't want to, thanks, Acadia
  12. The fact is, with all of the new technology being thrown at us every hour, or minute, could any of us have done any better back in those early days? As one person I really respect once said, "If you really hate Microsoft, either switch to Apple, Linux, OR WRITE YOUR OWN OPERATING SYSTEM!" Acadia
  13. Good grief, Eric, whenever I start feeling that I am getting self-abusive, all I have to do is read one of your threads, then I start feeling pretty darn good about myself. :'( Acadia
  14. OK, sorry about that, I just received the email today from the forum, thanks. Acadia
  15. http://ubuntuforums.org/announce.html Acadia
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