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  1. At least it is not rap and just 'space' music!Anyways, just to continue keeping this thread alive, I would have to recommend "FreeFileSyncy" utility that I have been using for quite some time (and even across my LAN). Description >> FreeFileSync is a folder comparison and synchronization tool providing highly optimized performance and usability without a needlessly complex user interface. Afterall, friends only recommend friends FREEware.
  2. Baidu? Am I allowed to ask if that is a Chinese site and whether it is to be recommended in the western civilization and the FREE world? Even if they are offering anyone and everyone at least 1TB of cloud/server storage location.
  3. Okay, Okay, I'll partially play by the rules set forth and plug a few nice FREEware utilities that others may find handy. 1. Privazer 2. Anvir Task Manager 3. Pazera Audio Converter 4. Ace Video Converter, and 5. Free Commander XE (But make sure you download the 'Beta' version that truly is far removed from a 'beta' as it can get and works flawless even in Win8Pro). If you don't like any of these FREEware worthy of posting here, I promise to give you your money back >> if you ask! Afterall, "Friends ONLY recommend Friends FREEware... else; they are japing you!
  4. This is the new era where even "FREEware" are burdened by additional (and hidden) utilities that become a "gotcha" if the installer does not pay attention during installation. In order for me to paste the following information on everyone's behalf [No, the other 'half'!] I am forced to first plug for Dave's PC tips site. The topic he had a few weeks ago was "Avoiding “Death by Toolbar” One of the joys of the internet is the incredible array of free software to deal with just about anything you need to do. Unfortunately this free software often comes with some baggage - additional junk software that gets installed at the same time. Even big name companies try to make a little extra money on the side by hoping you won’t notice the additional adware, trialware and other nonsense that will get installed with the software you actually wanted. Toolbars will be added, your search settings changed and probably your home page will be hijacked as well. At best all this slows your browser down, and at worst it can make your internet activities unreliable and even stop the browser working altogether. Fortunately, in many cases, you can avoid most of these problems with just a little care and attention during the installation. Toolbars – where do they come from? Beware the pre-checked box Whenever you install new software, there are usually a few windows which pop up where you have to click “OK” or “Next” to continue. That software license that you never bother reading, some option to have an icon on the desktop – that sort of thing. It’s all too easy to be impatient and go click click click until the software is ready to run. Slow down! This is where you need to be vigilant. One example which catches many people is that Java update which seems to pop up all too often. If you have Java installed then keeping it updated is a good idea, but watch carefully for the ASK toolbar option which will be pre-checked by default: Those check boxes just need to be un-checked and you can then continue the update without the extra toolbar and a change to your search provider. When installing any software, keep your eyes open, and don’t stop looking after only one window. Some of the worst examples of this behaviour can offer three or four windows, each trying to install software that you don’t need or want, and those check boxes will always be pre-selected for you. Uncheck them all and eventually you should get only the software you wanted in the first place. Toolbars – how to get rid of them But it’s too late, the damage is done! So now that you know what to do in future, but what if the computer is already infested with unwanted software and toolbars? Fortunately, there is help available from programs specifically designed to clean up the mess. The free JRT (Junkware Removal Tool) can be dowloaded from the author’s website here, and is the simplest to use as it just needs to be run. Alternatively, AdwCleaner gives more control over the process, allowing you to scan and then select each item to remove. AdwCleaner is also free and can be downloaded from the French host site here or from the excellent bleepingcomputer.com website. Prevention is better than cure If you are the one supporting friends and family, you know they probably won’t be as careful as you when installing software. What is really needed is a way of protecting their computers from being taken over by unwanted software, in spite of what they might download. It’s not an easy thing to do, but one solution available via AdwCleaner gives a way to block the web sites of well known sources of junk software. The idea was developed by French anti-malware site www.malekal.com and uses the Windows HOSTS file to prevent access. Windows checks the HOSTS file for URL matches before going to the web, and if it finds a match, goes to the IP address listed in the file. Malekal has compiled a list of domain names of places to avoid, and using this list in the HOSTS file neatly redirects the request back to the computer’s own localhost address,, rather than the actual site. You can just copy the list into your HOSTS file manually, or there is software on the Malekal site which will do it for you, and keep the list up to date by regularly checking back with the site for the latest list. A link to this software can be found in the AdwCleaner Tools menu:- Once installed, future junkware will be blocked and the system should stay free of unexpected toolbars and browser hijacks. Yes, I know full well that the above does not directly post software for the "Hall of Fame" but only if the reader is not wanting to clicky at the links provided. Cheers!
  5. Woot! It has been almost 10 years (05 June 2003) since this post was initially started. Thank you abarbarian, for the "networx" utility link. If it was not for my trusted PAYware DUMeter; I would definitely be using your FREEware recommendation. One of my all time favorite FREEware programs going all the way back to WinXP days has got to be BillP Studios WinPatrol. WinPatrol has saved my bacon so many times that I paid for a permanent license for it many a moon ago. Recently, I was recommended a set of FREEware utilities from Nirsoft and they are worthy to try out. Afterall, friends should only recommend friends FREEware!
  6. This EverNote sounds like a genetic improvement via a combination of EditPad +ClipCache +MicrosoftOffice OneNote, spliced together with great results. Thank you!RipBot264 for video conversion as a FREEware is pretty nifty.Cheers
  7. KeePass >> http://keepass.info/ If I was not using AccessManager (http://www.accessmanager.co.uk/) Pro (with 350+ entries), I think I would be using this one!
  8. I had to look up this reference (via Google) to understand what you really meant. Here is the Link.I sincerely thank you for the education.
  9. Me thinx that it be more accurately descriptive if the original picture was as follows: ... but who am I to bootleg and then plagiarize someone else's hardwork???
  10. this is NOT but as I went to CastleCops yesterday, I noticed a slight discussion about attacks to them, yet I had no problems logging into the CC::Forums for my previous search for some discussions on AntiVirus. Maybe I was the lucky few that was able to get in!
  11. TeMerc's post does not discuss Comodo as a potential nasty, either!
  12. Just found out that I guess they don't call it Luke FileWalker anymore (or maybe even any less). It is just an added feature that is part of the Avira. I am kinda worried about this Avira AntiVir. It does get some very good (if not great reviews) but I hope they are not going to be one of those AVs that go kaput soon!I take back what I owed you! :hysterical:10Q none-the-less!
  13. Urmas,You just shocked the daylights out of me as I have never heard of this LUKE AV. And I kid you NOT when I tell you that I really did a whole bunch of reading and searches but that brand has never popped up in any of my searches and the comparisons and my previous experience with security stuff! Avira also has some nag ads when it updates itself but yours looks much more interesting and exactly as what I was looking for. Presently I am just beating around the bush with Avira and faking it to not look inside of certain types of extensions. AVG pulls what it thinks is spyware VIRUS (most of the time wrong) and has corrupted gigs worth of my data and I just started catching on to this when I attempted to burn some of my data onto external USB drives and/or DVD+Rs. I kept getting corrupt file notifications and it took me about a week to realizes that the cause of it was AVG! I am really that ticked off at AVG but this is a personal issue between me and AVG and hence the divorce!I owe you one >> what can we trade??? j -----------------------------------------------Edited to change spyware to VIRUShttp://techrepublic.com.com/5138-1009-5722091.html
  14. Some DSL service providers have hardware firewalls on the server side that may be protecting you from the basic attacks to your network, but running a lean mean sw firewall cannot hurt and provides that additional security that you should normally have if you are not way too advanced user. Don't ignore the sw firewall requirements of your system please!
  15. I don't use Defender on my system and I would have liked to directly reply to goretsky's post but as I had already stated I have already spoken my peace!I would like to sincerely thank all of you for the words of encouragements and the replies!
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