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  1. In response to mine, allgoodthings said: Just to clarify... that's a large part of why those two (Real & Gator) topped my list. Everybody should understand the Gator thing but seemingly a lot of people have never noticed how Real repeatedly hijacks parts of your system you have told them to leave alone, hides lots and lots of privacy invasion options during the installation unless you look really close, requires you to scroll and individually turn off huge numbers of them if you do look close enough to see them, etc, etc, etc. And they've been doing all this stuff longer than anybody... without remorse. Bah! A pox on their house!
  2. OK... this one actually takes a bit more thinking than the Hall of Shame. There are a lot of pieces of software which I think are very, very good and I like the support but when you are talking Hall of Fame I think you should be extraordinarily selective.That said, I'll probably nominate a half dozen or so things after some consideration but there is only one that I am so confident of I'll throw it in right now as my absolute number 1.ServersAliveAbsolute rock.solid and extensive server monitoring and a vanishingly small price. The basic engine was already great in version 3 but the user interface was primitive to say the least. Version 4 made huge strides on the user interface.And the support goes SO far beyond anything I have ever experienced before that it is simply unbelievable.
  3. Okie doke... my time to throw in two or three cents worth...First of all, seems to me there is a tie for all-time #1 most shameful software between:1a. Real anything1b. GatorSurely, I don't have to explain why (unethical practices, etc).The #3 on my personal list is probably Lotus Notes. I suspect the only reason it doesn't show up on others is because no one actually uses it (at least not anymore).AOL, of course, has to be way up there but this seems to me to be a case of "you get what you deserve". I guess I'd still nominate them for a high spot just for taking advantage of the mentally/technically disadvantaged who don't know enough to know better.I agree with QuickTime. I've been afflicted with it for years and many, many versions... none of which have been stable and it, too, insists on trying to insinuate itself into my system when I don't want it to.Roxio Easy CD Creator, as we all know, also has gotten on this list the old fashioned way... by earning it!ZoneAlarm... the user interface is nothing short of criminal, it refuses to give you information it has and you really need, is enormously hard to remove cleanly and they apparently have a staff of people supremely well trained in leaving information out of the documentation and refusing to answer simple questions.PowerQuest and Lavasoft are both examples of companies who started off as heroes but have gone over (way, way over) to the dark side. Sigh.Things like Kazaa or Morpheous... you get what you deserve. Something about who you lie down with...And I am totally baffled by the folks who nominated Agent. Where's the beef?Hmmm... seems to me there is at least one of major miscreant that is escaping my mind right now... oh well.Enough.
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