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  1. Here's what I've got:I've used all the spare parts lying around to build an extra system. We connect to the Internet using two-way satellite. I've done a clean install of XP Pro on the extra machine and installed only the DirecWay proxy server software. It provides Internet access to our other three machines. It is not used for any other purpose whatsoever. I have every aspect of the security settings of all areas, (including 'Trusted'), set at "disabled". I have used the group policy editor to disable everything shy of locking myself out. All services not crucial are set to disabled, (each were tested one by one). The machine has all critical updates to date but since, I have disabled so much that browsing would be near impossible. I have blocked access to all ports except those being used by the proxy server. I have used the BIOS to disable all hardware and ports not being used. The only piece of hardware installed is a NIC for the LAN. Even audio, multimedia and printing have been diabled as well as all multimedia codecs removed from that box. The main reason this was done is because I toy with my machine so often that it's regularly fixed beyond repair. When my machine went down, the entire house lost Internet connectivity. As it's set up now, I can do what I want without stressing out the family with my woes.My question... Is anti-virus software needed for that machine? It will never be used to browse the net nor will it ever be used for e-mail. Also, what are the odds of someone obtaing access to a machine that's not being browsed from?
  2. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Zox! Along with Volunteer, I would like to thank you for sharing the news with all of us here. It shows that you consider us family. May he grow to become as thoughtful a person as his Dad. I too welcome baby Luka as the newest addition to our great forum. Embrace these sleepless nights Daddy; they'll be gone before you know it. My baby girl who was born just a few short years ago moved out on her own in February. May your lives be as full of joy as mine and my wife's have been.
  3. Do you have the current/correct drivers installed for the monitor? If so, have you tried using a different monitor?
  4. I've been very busy for a few days, but here's a ...Happy Belated Birthday !!To Banyan63 & Rob
  5. Adding to Gus's question, have you played these particular files on that machine before? If they were created on another PC, it could be a content privacy issue. If that's not the case, try downloading a trial version of some player software that will install all the proper codecs. Give this program all video media file associations. Once installed and working, try opening the files with Windows Media Player. If it works, then re-associate all appropriate files with Windows Media Player and uninstall the other program. Sounds as if some codec files got corrupted.
  6. Occasionally, you'll run into a NTFS partition that FDisk has problems getting rid of. I use a little utility called "Delpart". It wil delete any partition regardless of file system. It's only 124K, and can be found in many places. There is a trojan variant with the same name so be sure you trust the site from which you download. I have a copy and if you like it can be downloaded here. I've zipped the file for convenience. Here's a link to the official Microsoft KB article for the problem:Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 103049
  7. Hi EdsFile, IMHO, the best program that meets your needs is UltraEdit. It's huge list of features can be found here. I've used it for several years and have never had a single problem with it.About using it as a replacement for notepad: You can try it for 45 days, but after that it cost $35US. Money well spent in my book
  8. Strange indeed. I looked at it and it's still the default "sample" file. Nothing new or changed in the etc directory since last clean install, in Feb.
  9. Thanks LilBambi, Yes, I know. Until now, like I mentioned earlier, the links to the dictionary files were dead to me. The program files themselves downloaded just fine. Since this didn't seem to be the case with you, I got really curious about, "why just those links?". Anyway, I did some research and found that I was receiving a "socket error". I tried several things, even disabling my firewall temporarily to see if if was the culprit, (wrong settings, etc.). I decided to uncheck "Enable LMHosts Lookup" in the WINS section of the advanced TCP/IP settings on my connection. It worked like a charm. They downloaded immediately. What I'm now puzzled about is, why now? I haven't adjusted settings in half a year or so. To date, this is the only known problem I've encountered in not being able to download a particular file.
  10. You're welcome. I'm glad it helped
  11. Hi willie_in_pr,Still trying to help, I've found the following: (I know you're not using Windows XP, but the same may apply) I'm going to look for the themes I found yesterday. All I can find today is MSN Explorer looking themes for Windows. It figures, I wasn't looking for the themes when I found them yesterday. History folder is huge, but I'll find them
  12. I cannot believe what I'm reading. Just yesterday I came across one of those wide angle car mirrors, the ones that clamp onto your existing mirror. I found it in a bag from stuff cleaned out of an old car we sold. But prior to this thread, I attached it to the top of my monitor. Then I wondered how goofy it would look. The wide angle sure is cool. You guys are too much! It's nice to know I'm in like company.
  13. I didn't fare as well as some on my first try, but I have been up for about 21 hours. I got to level five with 11,355. Thanks jeber! Way cool link ...Thwunk, (Favorites arrow hit dead center of bullseye)
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