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  1. I'd like to niominate Textpad.exe.It is a very simple to use Text editor. It can do anything that notepad can do plus it can do so much more, like show you line numbers if you are a coder, block select mode, search using the [f5] key, search and replace by using the [f8] key, sort with the [f9] key, spellcheck with the [f7] key, or record and execute macros.It color codes your source code and html documents so I use it to edit my old DOS Basic programs, my C++, Java, and even VB programs. I do all of my html work in it too. If somebody alters the file you are working on with another application, Textpad sees the change and asks if you want to load the new version. _________________________________________Marc KuhlICQ#: 800527My Web Page: http://my.voyager.net/~marck_________________________________________
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