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  1. Some new releases of Simply Mepis.Announcement - Second Beta of Mepis 8.5 with KDE 4.3.432-bit torrent64-bit torrentThere is also a community remaster of Mepis 8.5 (64-bit only) that uses Gnome.Read More Here64-bit torrentAnd if you want a minimal installation there is also a beta of Anti-X.
  2. Release AnnouncementMepis Forum TopicThis just rolls the updates to SimplyMepis 8 together. SimplyMepis 8 was released in February, 2009.This may be the final release of Mepis with KDE 3.5 as the default desktop.
  3. There are some nice pics suitable for desktop backgrounds at the accuweather.com site.
  4. I had to boot using the 'VideoSafeModeFBDev' choice on live cd boot menu to get to the graphical login prompt. When I booted using the default choice I was dropped into a terminal and logging in as root and trying startx got an error message.I would bet that many users stop trying any live cd that does not boot on their hardware using the default boot.I installed it with no problems after figuring that out and now have #! (CrunchBang), the latest ZenWalk, and PCLinuxOS 2009 on one computer to play with.From just a few minutes of puttering around PCLinuxOS 2009 looks interesting. I can definitely see some time spent using it to see how things work.
  5. You were very close!Control Center->KDE Components->Component Chooser
  6. Release announcement32-bit torrent64-bit torrentDownload MirrorsSupport ForumsHomepageMepis is based on Debian Lenny and uses KDE 3.5.10 as the default desktop.
  7. RC 3 of Mepis 8 is now out.Official AnnouncementMepis is based on Debian Lenny and the Mepis final release will be after Lenny.IMO this is a very nice distro that is easy to install and use.
  8. From this page: I also looked at the DLs and thought Oh my! why so many? Re-reading the page led to finding the above.If doing the net install have the Installation Manual accessible.
  9. You should read that again, I don't see no missing bit. I am currently using Mepis as my Linux of choice and liking it very much.I was going through some old stuff and found the retail version of SUSE 8.0 I bought as my first try at linux. 7 cds and 3 books! That was 2002, the linux desktop sure has improved!
  10. SimplyMepis 8 RC2 Release AnnouncementBoth the 32-bit and 64-bit release candidates are available.Discussion at mepisLovers forums
  11. In the settings on your linux computer make sure that the workgroup name is the same as the workgroup name on the WinXP computer.Since you are on a home network set the security level to Share.
  12. a:link {color: red;}a:visited {color: #ca0000;}a:hover {background-color: #c0c0c0; color: #ffffff;}a:active {color: #003366;}a.piclink:link {color: black;}a.piclink:visited {color: yellow;}a.piclink:hover {background-color: aqua; color: black;}a.piclink:active {color: aqua;} The css above will style your links with one look as a default (the lines starting a:) and as another is you apply the class 'piclink'. These four pseudo-classes control how the anchor tag is presented.So a normal link would be:<a href="yourlink">qwerty</a>The piclink will look like:<a class="piclink">qwerty</a>you can replace the text between the start and end anchor tags with whatever you want.
  13. If you are using Windows I suggest using Irfanview, free and it will convert single files using the programs save as dialog or work on files in a batch.
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