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  1. Sweet. Thanks, Kevin. That worked like a charm. I was also noting today how SLOW Outlook 2007 is. Hopefully, this helps that issue as well.
  2. Did I forget to unflag myself for invisibility?
  3. How do I prevent the "Outlook Contact" and "Outlook Calendar" folders from reappearing anywhere I attach a file from? Example: I sent an email from Outlook which I attached a PDF document. This document was located on my desktop. As soon as I send, Outlook makes those two folders on my desktop. I can delete them, but Outlook just regenerates them in a few seconds. I have to close out of Outlook and reopen to stop this regeneration...I know someone is going to say "Use Thunderbird!". I don't like Thunderbird, but I do like Firefox. I prefer Outlook to Thunderbird.Here is a two or so minute slice of time for me deleting the stinkin folders.
  4. Why does the web link on the newsletter email direct me here?
  5. Guess I should have given more detail. Our My Documents folders are mapped to a network drive by default. I am doing a runas to install virus protection software. The Domain Admin's My Documents is mapped to the H:\, but no such network drive exists, so the installation errors out. I need to be able to restore it to the default My Documents location for the purposes of the installation. I'm just trying keep from having to restore to default manually.
  6. I've had issues like this in the past. They were all because the chipset drivers weren't installed. As soon as I installed the chipset drivers, the Add Hardware Wizard "found" all the rest of my hardware.
  7. Hey all,Does anyone know how to change the My Documents folder using the command line? If that isn't feasible, is there a registry fix I can run to do this?
  8. just installed from the automatic update from Firefox.
  9. Been a while since I've wandred in here...Anyways, since I installed at work, my address line shows nothing in it. I can drag and drop the icon at the far left of the bar and it will copy the URL into whatever it is dropped into, but I can't just look at the addy. The only extensions I am using are:IETab 1.0.9DeskCut Preferences Statusbar 0.9.4Gmail Space 0.3.1PDF Download 0.6All are up to date.Anyone know how to make the URL shown in the addy bar?
  10. Stonegiant

    Find box

    Why does my find box keep popping up when I type the word "I'll". It didn't just do it here, but it does it on other forums. I've tried it several times here, but I can't reproduce it. Just on other forums.
  11. All I've got so far is 3 ties. A yellow and blue one, a red and bei... begh.... ummm... off yellow, and a blue and yeller one. And I pretty much have to buy from the Big & Tall store.
  12. Anything with a 4+ year degree in the medical field is some good pay...
  13. <sings> Transformers! More than meets the eye! Transformers! Robots in disguise!</sings>Yeah, I know... Not old school, but I grew up with them nay-the-less.
  14. I dare say that several of us will help.
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