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    Science Fact, Science Fiction, Keeping the family win98 computer alive for a few more years...<br><br>College Baseball ! Should be an interesting season in the Missouri Valley Conference... <br><br>Go Shocks!
  1. Thanks for the welcome back; and the answers!Peachy:I don't run the server, and I will probably not ever write in visual basic, but there are some good free compilers out there for C++, so I might write some code just for personal use of my family. (If I can't do it more easily with vbs or js scripts.) So I guess I will update.ThunderRiver:Thanks for the information on the additional reasons to install... I ran system file checker after the install/upgrade and saved the list of 83 files that were changed if it would help you to figure out why windows Update doesn't see it as already installed... let me know if you want me to post it or send it somewhere.P.S. Peachy... did you get that nickname from my all-time favorite movie based on Kipling's "The Man Who Would Be King"?Fran:I missed ya!
  2. Win98 First Edition! IE 5.5 sp2 Hi to all! And Howdy to the friends I made here last spring, before damaging weather and a poor harvest took my computer and all my time. I'm back...A while back, I was having trouble with the Windows Update site. I installed a program called BigFix, which is a notifier for available security patches, software updates, etc; similar to what CNet CatchUp used to be.I fire up BigFix once in a while, (even though Windows Update is working fine for me now) just to compare their recommendations with the official Windows Update site.They usually agree completely. But just recently BigFix has recommended: The Windows Update site didn't recommend this update for my computer... Win98 FE IE5.5 sp2 And I freely admit that I get completely confused every time I try to read a description of MDAC on the microsoft website. Can someone explain to me what this stuff is? And do I need it on a family (not business oriented) personal computer? Thank you...Please take it into account if you reply to these questions that the most involved Office-type software we have is an rtf editor. Printing return address labels is a challenging Sunday afternoon for us...
  3. Hi LilBambi,Thank you... You are definitely one of the nicest people I've never met! Well yes... we've been hit glancing blows the last three years out of four. This last time we lost a stand of maples and the edge of some cottonwood breaks. That hurt. Trees are very precious here on the prairie.But life goes on... and Baseball is Life!The Shockers accidently won the MVC tournament! We are headed to Houston for a regional! Frabjous day, calloo callay!Hey GolfProRM... congrats on all your promotions! And I hope you tear 'em up in your regional... but I hope we don't meet in the supers!Hi genaldar... I hate underground critters! Oh, okay, I like Gophers. But I'll deny it if you ever call me on it.
  4. My BrowserBuddy assistant thing says that since my last visit:There are 3702 new posts. Howum I gonna ketchup?
  5. It's nice to find my way back to the forum... we had some twister trouble lately. Anyway,The Shockers play the Sycamores in the Missouri Valley Conference tournament today... Our only hope to make it to a regional is to win the tournament. The Huskers seem to be in control of the Big 12... GolfProRM ... I'll switch to rooting for them if the Shockers don't make it to a regional this year.
  6. Hi ComputerBob and all,Sorry it has been so long since I could visit the forum... we've been cleaning up after a series of serious storms in my hometown.I noticed that the Muckshifter "Canary" finally broke. I didn't get a chance to see the "Don't Steal" banner... but it seems entirely a false accusation, since the site was mentioned in Lockergnome as encouraging uploads...Anyway, thanks for editing/removing it... I'm sure it was an eyesore. Now here is a sight for sore eyes:
  7. Yes, Julia, as a teacher you know how it goes. I have to do some framing and trim all summer so I can afford to be a teacher the other nine months. And now I have to sell coke at night just to get by. (late night cartons and cans route --- cola!)
  8. Thanks, Ryan. Forums are still a little mystifying to me. Any hint that helps me find my way around is greatly appreciated.
  9. Secondary math teacher, woodshop instructor. Julia, please don't let them make fun of me...
  10. Hi Martini Lover,Every once in a while I will try to get rid of my boot up Compaq logo. (Compaq Presario 5140 that I've had since 1998) It has eluded me so far.GolfProRM's solution works on older Compaqs than mine... there are still a few...Joy's solution might work on newer ones... but my Compaq won't even let me IN to the bios without a third party program. All I can access is the cmos settings. No tweakable option for the logo there...I have tried disabling some of the Compaq specific vxd and other drivers that load on boot... but that usually leads to a failed boot, so I have to boot with a floppy and then re-enable them.My guess is that the logo is loading from Compaq's proprietary hidden "recovery' partition... but that is just a guess.On my system... the logo doesn't hide any valuable info from the boot menu... it just occupies the screen during the POST (power on self test). So it is just inconvenient and irritating... not detrimental.Let me know if you find a solution, ok? I'll reciprocate.
  11. Well, Ben, I must say you are on to something there. I, too am a midnight snacker and thought I would give it a try - lo and behold - it is indeed tastier than you attempted to describe! Hi Bruce... thanks, man! A convert! My faith is restored! If you build it, they will come.
  12. I don't know where else to turn. So I turned up here. I wrote a little script for making searches more convenient, and I wondered how to get the word out to my buddies here at the forum... it is described here: Search HelperBut my real problem is this: I have invented a truly wonderful food that nobody in my family has the courage to try. I'm not getting younger, and I'm afraid that there will be no one left in this world to carry on my midnight snack tradition when I'm gone.Before I tell you what it is, let me ask a question: "Is a tomato a vegetable, or a fruit?"I believe it is classified technically as a fruit.Another question: "It is perfectly acceptable to make a peanut butter sandwich with different kinds of fruit, isn't it?"Peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches are good...So why not Peanut Butter and Tomato sandwiches?They are truly wonderful. The saltiness and creaminess of the peanut butter blends marvelously with the crisp freshness and moistness of the sliced tomato. On toasted wheat bread is best...How can I get people to try it? I am convinced that it is one of the tastiest and healthiest snacks available at midnight over my kitchen sink.And you don't even have to pull the screen out of the aerator of the faucet.
  13. I agree, completely GolfProRM... and thanks, Bruno.
  14. Hey...! Should my feelings be hurt, here? Anyway, you "guys" might like the helpful little thingamajig for quick searches I posted here:Search HelperIf you decide to try it... here are a couple of "pieces" that I use for the dictionary search option.{http://www.onelook.com/?w=} -- {&ls=a}(It will be clear what to do with those pieces if you download the "helper")
  15. Search Bars are nice, I guess, although I don't use them myself. There are times when it is necessary to type terms into a search box, but for other situations, and quick searches... Here is an alternative: A quick way to run a search by selecting text on a web page and choosing a search from a context menu...It looks like this:The search for "ubiquitous" in the example above would open the completed results page at a dictionary search engine... in a new window. (Sorry, IE only for now.) It is really quite easy to build both the context menu item, and the "program" that it runs. But it is difficult to describe.I wrote instructions (an html page) that is both the program and the documentation at the same time... It will be clear if you read it, I think!The set up requires 2 files and 1 registry entry. The largest part of the package is the "screenshot" above! It is completely free "freeware" for Scot's Newsletter Forums members.The webhost for my files is usually quite reliable, but if you have trouble downloading it; just let me know- it is only about 47k and could easily be sent through email.Download: Selected Text Context Menu Search TemplateI hope lots of my buddies here can find a use for it.
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