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    Since we moved to a "gentleman's farm", it has been repairs, chickens, repairs, asparagus, repairs, wood cutting, repairs, how am I going to pay for all this, and my trusty computer.<br><br>I love to download software and try it, and I ignore the groaning of my trusty computer.<br><br>And...I bought a motorcycle when I got here, but the weather hasn't caught up with my enthusiasm to get it out of the garage.<br><br>Oh, did I mention repairs?
  1. Understand that I do not believe that there is a moral high ground in war. War is fought for the benefit of each country engaged in it, and they will do what they think they need to do. If they think they don't like forests, they will use Agent Orange. If they think they need peace with honor, they will continue the sacrifice of lives until they can figure out what that means.Being an unofficial student of war, and interrogation practices, I fully understood what the MPs were doing; humiliation is a wonderful substitute for the installation of pain, though it takes longer. The unit where these "attrocities" took place was filled with "political prisoners". I doubt that they were seeking information about WMDs; I suspect that they were trying to get a handle on the groups that were, at that moment in time, killing their breatheren on the streets of several Iraqi cities. Put in the same position, I might well say, "Hey, forget all this ****...give me a knife and I'll cut the answer out of him. Ah, but the moral highground...Why the pictures and video? Well, if you are taking the "moral highground", then how much better to convince someone to talk than to not touvch him? All you need to do is strike fear into his heart, showing him these horrible pictures, and then say, "I sure would like to keep you out of there, but I don't know that I can if you are not cooperating".So, the folks that released those pictures to the public, are, in my humble estimation, treasonous, and should probably be executed. They have cost many additional American lives. History is full of decisions that the 1st amendment does not protect you from a treason conviction. One should have more sense, and if one doesn't, one can be executed for stupidity.This is war, folks. We get the opportunity to sit at home and watch it unfold. There is no mercy for the "brothers-at-arms" (now including sisters). Let's go back to Me Lai; do you remember who was tried and convicted? The Lt, period. Now, I am sure that many of them would have liked to "walk" him, too, but it wasn't possible. The officer and gentleman took the hit. That is as it should be.Were these MPs all grunts to the first degree? We are seeing some background on them, now, and I do not think that any caricature of them as "America's worst" will hold water, ultimately.. They were not in there entertaining themselves; they were in their following orders (even if it turns out that they misinterpreted them, which I doubt).What we have here, simply, is all of us knowing a whole lot more than we needed to, or should have, known. Americans are dying and will die as a result of our knowledge. The snake has, once again, successfully offerred us the apple. We will crucify a few for these malicious acts, never turning our attention for a moment to the snake. We will pitty those poor souls that were so humiliated, never considering their trespasses, or their commitment to continue trespassing.Pay a visit to the war memorial at Hiroshima (you can take virtual tours online). Actually, I could stroll with you through more ****, all available on the net; it's stuff that you have obviously overlooked. Perhaps, in exposing yourself to it, you may some answers to questions about what war really is.It's heinous, it's ugly, it's brutal. The winners take all. The losers go home in a bag. More bags are coming, thanks to the sons of ******* who released those photos.
  2. There was a topic? Ohhhhh, now I'm really confused.Waiter, another round! No, hold the water...I'm not sure what you've done to it.(Ducks high velocity cabbage flying by).Wait til I get my hands on that travel agent.
  3. All of a sudden, you're alone in the world, even when you know you are not alone. You always know that you can always go to your Mom or your Dadwhen you really need to figure somethingout, and then you can'tIt is the biggest curse of we only children.
  4. Med call! Everybody to the nurse's station for your meds. Don't try to hide in your rooms or under that water cooler!Med call!
  5. Yep, it's legit. Many smaller ISP's are experimenting with this, and the likes of Yahoo are doing serious research on putting the system in place. The ISP you mentioned is on the list of folks doing this now.Here's a catch: some of them, having verified you once, will not ask for verification again. Others will demand that you verify every time, in response to the stealing of sender addresses by viruses and Trojans.If you know you sent there, it's in reponse to your message. If you know you didn't send there, somebody hijacked your e mail addy and is using it to send trash.
  6. You are just fne with your current set-up. Keep in mind that "stealth" is good because the attacker cannot see you to launch a specific attack. However, you are still vulnerable to "shotgun" type attacks, which is where the software firewall comes into play. With both, the "outer ring" of your defense is as solid as it's going to get, short of a lot of $$$ applying enterprise defenses.
  7. On a daily basis, I run into people without firewalls! On a daily basis I run into people without AV protection! Having both of those is not adequate, and yet they have not yet covered those very simple basics.I worked on a 98SE system not long ago that had not been patched since 2000, had no firewall, no AV...nothing. I wanted to throw it in front of a semi.There were so many dialers in that system that they were literally fighting for the dial tone.BTW, the ISP found this system because it was also delivering a hugh number of infections within our network.
  8. When you leave the personal PC world and step into servers, half of the attacks last year were against Linux servers, and they were successful, until patches were put into place. Why? Because Linux is still not a worthy target in the personal PC market, but it has gained such popularity in the server market that it is worth hitting.If Apple suddenly had a 30% market share, I'll bet that they would be throwing patches out very soon.Having code that cannot be hacked is akin to having a car that cannot be stolen...ain't gonna happen.
  9. Hmmm. That could be something a tad more serious. Better consult your doctor. If you do not have a doctor, Jeber has a really good one...Dr Earle. Doc E is a master with medicines (even if they are not all FDA approved), and will make you better, quicker.Pay no mind that Jeeb has been turned into a frog...he simply did not pay his bill.
  10. Boy, that was some party! Did I miss anything? What time is it? Are any husbands, fathers or boyfriends looking for me?The last thing I remember....I was having tea at Jeeb's.Jeeeeeeber!
  11. The moderators are anything but bad people...as a matter of fact, I do not believe that I have have met any bad people here. I am, however, disaffected here, as in a sense of not belonging, or not being able to communicate. This is disturbing as I know very well that I can communicate.I'm not going to get caught up in this; I don't get paid enough to deal with this (typical American)."Good Luck, and God Bless!" (-Red Skelton-)
  12. First, I am very sensitive to those who are working in English as a second...third...fourth language. When we lived in the Southwestern US, my son spent his 1st and 2nd grades in bilingual classrooms, with me being one of the few bilingual parents...Language barriers need to be questioned, not attacked. Just because you did not understand what I (or anybody else) said, does not mean that it is in your best interests to begin your email campaign to the mods. I am not sure if any of the mods are bi (tri, quad, etc)-lingual, but I am fairly good at a romance language, so that means, with effort, I can make my needs known to sixty percent of the world's people.I am not intolerant of anyone's understanding of the "English" language, which may be the hardest language on Earth to figure out, but I am completely intolerant of anyone who will jump to a conclusion without checking out the intent first. That is true for "English-speakers" as well as others.I will ask you to remember something; I am an old war-dog psych nurse, and I have been there and done that, and I will not honor presumptions and affected slights (unless you share them with me, in which case I will mostl ;ilikely apologize).
  13. Wait until Linus (oops, Linux) finds out about this cold, cruel fact of life. "If you are writing to a standard, you must keep up with the standard"...I'll "bet the house" that this will be a problem for more than M$ in the future.Monopolies are inherently unstable...hoorah for competition!
  14. ...and I have done that...twice. And, as this continues to occur, I begin to think, "Well, they should post in their language, and I'll try to find a translation tool, and I will try to use the translation tool, along with my intellect, to figure out what they are saying. And at all times, I will try to give the benefit of the doubt...because that is how I am...I don't believe that anyone really wants to flame me.I had my incident with Snoepie...what a gracious lady...but it turned out that some very immature folks turned what I said into a fire storm. I took a look at this situation; I, personally, have a 1st amendment, which primarily protects those who never intended to offend from consequences (ie, you can be arrested and jailed for shouting "fire" in a crowded theater), and I have a right to be innocent until proven guilty.From a "humanity" standpoint, I have every right to be understood, even if I am sometimes misguided (the way Snoepie did).Uff Da!!! Play nice, deal with people as people, and don't worry so much about whether or not you are being flamed...D***, don't they have debate clubs in Europe? I took way more "abuse" than this at the Arizona State Finals!
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