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  1. Hmmm, thanks! If I had to guess, I'd say it was probably a result of the iMac Repair Extension Program, which unfortunately does not include my iMac (as my serial number does fall within their given ranges). Though I guess I don't really know if the other person's one did either...but the whole situation sounds like it would. I guess it wouldn't hurt to take mine in and get a quote, though, although I'd either have to (doubtfully) do that when I'm at home and very close to an Apple Authorized Service Provider over Easter weekend + Monday, or do it sometime when I'm not but have to go at least an hour to get to an AASP (plus I don't have a car and that would thus require some really nice friends ).Anyway, thanks for the find--I'll look into it!
  2. So this morning, I awoke my iMac from its usual nighttime sleep, and it appeared to turn on for a split second (the light on the bottom of my mouse lit up, at least--no display, and I don't remember about the white light on the front of the computer) before abruptly turning off. Subsequent attempts to turn it on have failed.I have run through Apple's troubleshooting article, and after trying some things and examining the diagnostic LEDs, it appears my logic board is not working (with a small hope that it might just be the much less expensive power adapter, although the article doesn't really think it could be).This is a refurbished first-generation 17-in 1.8 GHz iMac G5 with a SuperDrive and 80 GB HD that I bought in July of 2005. I had one of the fans replaced right after receiving the machine due to excessive noise (which, even then, never quite went away, but that's another story).Did I mention that I'm a moron and forgot to get AppleCare? It looks like my only option is a $470 or $700-$900 logic board replacement ... does sound like the thing to do? Of course, I could also save up to just get a new Intel iMac with Front Row, a built-in iSight, and other goodies, over which I have been drooling since their introduction. I must say, though that $470-ish repair sounds better than $1000-ish on a "new" refurbished iMac.I should mention I'm in college, so money is tight, especially since on top of all this I also have an iPod (B&W 4G, 20 GB) whose hard drive just broke and an HP laptop whose optical drive has recently ceased to read discs. Both of these are out of warranty, and I get an HD for the iPod for maybe $55 and a new drive for the laptop for, say, $200. I seem to have the magic touch where everything I break becomes larger, more important, and more expensive (there's probably an exponential function somewhere that describes my breakage patterns...). Luckily, I still have that laptop I was talking about, or I'd be without a computer now (I had to replace its HD last year, though, and was content with my main computer, the iMac, for several months before I did) ... but I'm waiting for my Touch of Doom to strike again. Given my pattern, it could be several thousand dollars this time. :)Anyway, does this sound like the best thing to do to everyone (get the logic board replaced ... or maaaaybe just a get a newer iMac)?Thanks!
  3. Before anyone gets too used to this (I found it handy when I had to recharge my mouse and had to use the one-button Apple one and was too lazy or whatever to move my hand over and hit Ctrl), I must say that Firefox 2.0, currently in beta, appears to have removed this funcionality. My guesses include that maybe it's an older way, like a holdover from OS 9 or something (I wouldn't know since I wasn't a heavy Mac user back then) ... or maybe the fact that Firefox is a little click-and-hold happy, i.e., doing it where it shouldn't (like on the toolbar, in edit boxes, etc).Of course, Ctrl+Click still works, as does my preferred method, a multi-button mouse. (Or the new touchy-clicky thing on newer laptops.)
  4. Hmm, somehow my Google searching (hey, look, lawyers, I'm not using the product's name as a verb! :'() failed to return anything about uptime, which I'm assuming must work in Linux, too ... hmm.Thanks! Going on 5 days now, and would've been more but I had to reboot for the 10.4.7 update...
  5. Does anyone know if there's a way to tell how long (days, hours, etc.) OS X has been up? I go a long time without rebooting, and sometimes I'd just like to know exactly how long, so I can brag to myself and shun my Windows laptop. J/K on that last part, but it would still just be fun to know.If there's some way in OS X itself to find out, I have yet to discover what it is. Otherwise, does anyone know of an app that can do this?
  6. I've never used Parallels, but I'm assuming it acts somewhat like VirtualPC-type emulators (except it's not really emulating x86 because you're already on one and whatnot ... but I just mean in that it creates a "sandbox"-type environment). In that case, I don't see why it wouldn't work. I assume you'd just connect to the Internet normally in OS X, set up a "network" (with Internet connection sharing) if you don't already have one, and then set up the XP in Parallels to connect to that network.Parallels probably has instructions somewhere, otherwise, maybe someone here who has experience with the software will be able to help more if you need it.
  7. On a Mac you can use Cmd+Left Arrow (akin to "Home" on a PC) or Cmd+Right Arrow (akin to "End"). I find myself doing this now on Windows now, too (except using Alt instead of Cmd, of course) ... oops. If you really can't get used to it, there are "hacks" you can do in Terminal on OS X (don't know about OS 9) to rewire Home and End to act like their Windows counterparts, but the purist in me never let myself do that.
  8. Safari is OS X-only, as well, but, like you said, older versions of Mozilla work with OS 9. You might also be able to find a version of Opera that works with OS 9. (I might suggest staying far, far away from Netscape, which on that computer is undoubtedly 4.x, and while IE/Mac isn't that bad (at least not version 5), it is still a bit dated by now.)However, OS X is much nicer, and I think you'll like it better. And on OS X, I have Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer. I use Firefox as my primary browser with occasional use of Safari and Opera. I don't use IE unless I'm testing my webpage. (Safari definitely gives you the best "OS X feel" and I suppose IE might, too, though I don't recommend it anymore. Firefox is great but there are definitely times a discerning eye can tell it's not quite 100% native, and Opera is about the same in this regard, maybe slightly better. But ... not a huge deal.)Like Windows, many shortcut keys are listed in the menus. Like others have said, most Mac shortcuts are similar to their Windows counterparts but use the Command key (a.k.a. the "Apple" key, though that's not its official name) rather than the Control key.
  9. RobertM

    New Macbook

    Worth noting that they also bumped up the speeds for free on the MacBook Pro's and also added an option to get a "glossy" screen. Also it doesn't seem like you have a choice between black and white ... it just depends on whether the model you want comes in that color. On second thought ... the only difference between the 2.0 GHz white and 2.0 GHz black appears to be that the black comes standard with an 80 GB hard drive whereas the white one is 60, but even when you bump the white one up to 80 so they have the same specs, the black is still $100 more expensive. Interesting. (According to this page, all the specs appear to be identical other than that. Very odd.)On a totally unrelated note, I'd personally prefer a larger screen than a 13-in. one, though (which I'm sure is great for people who want something that its truely portable), because I'd like to use mine as a desktop replacement and prefer larger screens for OS X (I'm thinking of selling my revision-A iMac G5 and two-year-old HP laptop), so I'm thinking a 15-in MacBook Pro may be in my future.On a related note ... I have a 17" iMac G5 now that runs at 1440x900, also the resolution of the 15-in MacBook Pros. Does anyone have experience as to whether this makes some text too small and difficult to read? (I already have to occasionally adjust text size on my iMac ... and it's not my eyes, I'm not even 20 yet. )
  10. Just drag the new Camino into Applications. It will replace your old one with this new version. (If you feel so inclined, you can also remove the old one before copying over the new one, but I believe either will basically do the same thing: old one's gone, replaced with the new one. I don't know how OS X works behind the scenes, but it probably does basically the same thing either way. In any case, I'd say no way is significantly different from the other.)As for your personal information, I'd recommend just leaving that all intact, especially since this is such a small upgrade. (BTW, this info isn't stored with Camino in your Applications folder, it's in /users/<you>/Library/Application Support/Camino. You can add, remove, or update Camino itself, and this other information will remain safe and sound. If, for some reason, you ever would like to remove this information, however, that is where it is stored. I don't really see a reason to do so, however.)
  11. I'm using using OS X 10.4.5 (soon to be 10.4.6, as soon as I figure out how to remove my unofficial Front Row, unless someone can promise me it won't cause problems ... I know, I'm a bad, bad boy ) ... anyway ... I've found on several occasions now that the left/right balance on my volume seems to randomly creep off-center. Sometimes I notice only when my songs start sounding funny in iTunes or sometimes when I have headphones ("wow, this ear seems a lot louder...") ... and, sure enough, when I check Sound and Volume preferences, the slider that controls balance is off center. In one case, it managed to get completely to one side; the last couple times it's only crept a little bit, maybe 1/3, but it was still odd.Oh, yeah, and I definitely didn't go in there and do the changing. And I don't use a lot of audio apps besides Apple ones (iTunes, QuickTime, iDVD), occasionally the Flip4Mac WMA/WMV plug-in Microsoft silently offered to replace WMP for the Mac (it's a plug-in that allows QuickTime to handle Windows Media files), and occasionally VLC ... just in case any of these would be sporadically causing this. But I'm not sure ... I think some of this happened before VLC and Flip4Mac, so I doubt it, unless anyone knows of any known bugs with them.I'm wondering if maybe there's some keyboard shortcut to adjust left/right balance that I keep touching by accident (?). I don't know what else it could be. (The first time this problem happened, it took me forever to figure out what it was; one of my songs simply had no vocals though it did before ... it took a few days before I thought to think of this.) It always seems to go to the right, but there may have been times it went left, too, and I forgot or didn't notice or something.I'd appreciate any help anyone can give that would help me get to the bottom of this situation. Not too bad but very odd.Thanks!- RobertEDIT: If it's of any use, I forgot to mention that I'm running a 17-in first-revision iMac G5 1.8 GHz (SuperDrive). And if you're too lazy to read everything I wrote above, basically, my left/right balance preference keeps changing itself, and I don't know why--looking for suggestions (maybe a keyboard shortcut that I accidentally press ... very frequently ... that would be doing it? but I don't know of any or see any listed in Keyboard and Mouse prefs, either).
  12. Update: Well, this place called me yesterday and said they'd just order and install a new fan (even though they said they couldn't hear anything--but I doubt they did anything more than just turn on the computer and listen), which I suppose is great--hopefully that WAS the problem. Anyway, they just called me and it's done ... so hopefully someome will be able to bring it up to me at school this weekened.Now, to figure out where I'm going to put it ... good thing it's not an eMac, I guess. :lol:EDIT: I think it's STILL making noise, but in this room there's enough ambient noise it's not that bad (especially with the window fan going). But I think it's actually still making this noise, so either I got another bad fan, or that wasn't the problem to begin with. But I think if I complain any more, Apple will stop believeing me. Or maybe this really is within spec, and I just am too picky. But, really, with the window fan on low (maybe even medium) now, I think I can still hear this computer humming along.
  13. I did try it in another room, and the noise is still there. Of course, if it's the oustide box, that won't help--but I think one ... two ... three ... four other compures can't be wrong--no problems with them. :-)This is a widespread problem--as I've mentioned before, a Google search will yield a ton of interesting reads. Apple surely knows some iMac G5's have this defect. The only thing is ... I need to convice an Apple Authorized Service Provider that something *is* wrong before they can do whatever is needed to get this fixed. (They won't just send a replacement part--and I don't think this part is even user-serviceable on revision-A iMac G5's, anyway.)
  14. OK, got off the phone with Apple again ... after spending a countless number of minutes on the line with a product specialist who apparently knew nothing at all about the product (he had to look up a diagram of the computer to figure out the location of the fans and other components--sorry, but even I know that) ... basically he told me I could take it to another authorized repairer and get a second opinion on the noise.And that's what I'll be doing. Too bad all of them are 30 miles away. If *they* tell me they don't hear anything (I'll make sure to let them know how I can get it to, and maybe remind them that if there's lots of other noise around mine might get lost--but it DOES exist) ... am I SOL? From what I can tell, I only have 14 days from date of arrival to return due to defects, if this even counts as one. But of course I'm covered for hardware repairs for one year with the standard warranty ... the only problem is, as it stands now, I can't get them to believe there IS a hardware problem!I can live with it if I have to (with the air conditioner on I can only hear it when it's really loud--of course, right now I'm in a house, not a dorm room), but for a $1000+ machine (mine was refurbished at $999--maybe mistake numbe one, but I digress), especially one advertised as "whisper quiet"--I'd except this certainly isn't normal.
  15. I got it back a couple days ago (what took them so long? "nothing" was wrong!), but, naturally, it's still the same--and noisy as ever.To be fair, I've never compared it to another iMac G5, but unless they're supposed to sound like little chainsaws, I don't think this is normal. (OK, it's not as loud as a chainsaw, but it's the same kind of noise--and the buzzing occasionally dips down for a second and then goes back up like one.)I haven't called Apple back yet, but I'm going to momentarily. Hopefully they I can get either a new midplane assembly (which is what I think I need) or return this machine for another one ... or, better yet, return this machine, refund the money, and let me buy a NEW one (instead of refurbished)--even if it costs me a couple hundred more and a ton of agony wasted.But it all has to be done before next Friday. (The way they've made me wait, they'd better not have a problem with next-day shipping. )BTW, a Google search for "imac g5 noise" can turn up an alarming number of pages about this issue--one of them even notices that they changed the fan designs in the revision-B iMac G5's. Think they were getting a lot of noise complaints?
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