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  1. How do you access the Yum Repositories? It sounds like it may be what I was looking for. I have been very happy with RH but the support issue forces me to make a change.
  2. I am relatively new to Linux. I've been running Red Hat 9 since late summer and like it very much. Recently Red Hat has announced that they will no longer support the old versions and new versions are the ofthe pay varriety. From what I understahd, I will no longer be able to get patches from RH. Thus, I am considering switching to a new flavor of Linux. Anyone have any recommendations for an easy to use Linux? While I am getting more comforatable with Linux, I am certianly no guru. What would be a good distro to turn to?
  3. I am having a problem with booting RH 9. The problem started late last week. While running in RH, X crashed and rebooted. When it rebooted, I got the following errors:Start service eth0Bringing up interface eth0: IP: error while loading shared libraries: libresolv.so.2: cannont open object file: No such file or directory.3c59x device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization.Start service sshd: sshd:/usr/sbin/sshd: error while loading shared libraries: libresolv.so.2: cannont open object file: No such file or directory.Start service cups: error while loading shared libraries: libresolv.so.2: cannont open object file: No such file or directory.INIT: Id "x" is respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes.When I shut RH down, I get the following:stopping NFS statd [Failed]I can log in without x. I have gone to /lib to verify that libresolv.so.2 exists. When I go there, it is present but is listed in red.I have tried the followin, with no success:1. Gone through interactive boot and not loaded the offending services (or those dependant upon libresolv.so.2.2. Physically removed my ethernet card and rebooted. Kudzu removed the configuration for the ethernet card.3. Installed a different (spare) ethernet card.Any suggestions how I correct this problem?TIABorst
  4. I think the virus must have messed up the boot sector. I'll give xconfiguator at try. Thanks.Ooops. It should be "too FAST" not too fat. Typing error on my part.
  5. I have a dual boot PC (RH9 & Win98). While in Win98, I picked a virus (SoBig, perhaps?). This trashed Win98. It also seemed to mess up the booting of RH. RH boots but the X window fails to start. I get an error message saying X is starting too fast and it will be disable for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, I get the error again. It appears I need to reinstall X window and Gnome. (Is there any other solution?) My second question is how do I go about this? It it as simple as putting the RH CD back in and letting it go? I can log in and run commands but just not in Gnome. Any help is greatly appreciated.BorstEdit to fix typo...
  6. She is currently the senator of my home state (NY). I didn't vote for her when she ran for senator. The only positive I see in HC running for president is that she will no longer be my senator. I certianly would not vote for her if she ran for president. I hope she runs. Runs faaaaaaaar away!
  7. 11% - geekish tendancies. Had there been more questions about homebrewing and fantasy sports leagues, I would surely get the 'geek' moniker. I originally found the link on Lockergnome. I posted there that my score was low due to "my utter disdain for Star Trek and Magic: the Gathering". I fully expect to be banned there .
  8. IMO, Guinness is best at cellar temperature. 8 is a little cool. I much prefer it in the 10-15 C range.
  9. Hope this is ok to post here since its from a 'rival' newsletter. Anyway, this is from Mike Elgan's newsletter. Microsoft Linux?LINUX IS GAINING MOMENTUM in the Intel server world. One by one, major markets are dumping Windows and embracing Linux. The higher education market -- at least on the research side -- is thoroughly penetrated by Linux. Suddenly, Microsoft's grip on the international government market is starting to weaken. Munich, Germany's third largest city, announced this week that the it would reformat 14,000 Windows servers and install Linux (courtesy of IBM). Other local governments and agencies in Germany and elsewhere have made similar moves. On Wednesday, the president of India, A P J Abdul Kalam, urged Indian IT professionals to drop Windows and use Linux. More than two dozen nations are reportedly thinking about banning Windows and requiring Linux on government-run computer systems. Why the government exodus? Three reasons. First, Linux is cheaper than Windows -- it's cheaper to buy, and customers feel unpressured to upgrade to the next version. In an age of recession and fiscal austerity, cheap is good. Second, Linux is considered by many to be more secure than Windows. And, finally, Linux has a populist, warm-and-fuzzy feel to it. Much of the code is written by freedom-loving volunteer developers, and not by faceless, money-grubbing capitalists in Redmond bunkers. At least that's the perception in some quarters. With anti-globalization and anti-Americanism rampant, governments score points with some citizens by thumbing their noses at Microsoft. When the corporate market falls, the game of dominance is over for the Redmond behemoth. No, I'm not arguing that Microsoft's server OSs will go away or even lose majority market share. I'm saying there's a real risk -- even a probability -- that market share numbers will decline radically as Linux numbers rise. (By the way, these trends prove what I've been saying for years: Microsoft never had a monopoly on OS software. It's always been too easy to switch.)So what's a software giant to do? Microsoft will cope with the problem the same way it always does: It will "embrace and replace." The company will come out with its own distribution of Linux within the next three years. (This prediction is not to be confused with the hoax web site http://www.mslinux.org/ , by the way.)Microsoft Linux will feature proprietary "enhancements" that make it better than other versions of Linux. This incompatibility on the one hand and feature superiority on the other will reproduce the current difficult choice between Linux and Windows Server. Microsoft Linux will either support Microsoft's line of server applications, or the company will come out with Back Office for Linux type products. Why will Microsoft do this? Unlike it's most hard-core competitors (Sun, Apple, etc.), Microsoft is not an ego-driven company. It's motivated purely by the making of money. Microsoft currently does not support Linux because its executives believe they'll make more money by not supporting it. Once they come to the inevitable conclusion that they'll maximize revenue and profit by supporting Linux, they'll do it. I'll bet they're already working on it. READ THIS ISSUE ON THE WEB : http://www.mikeslist.com/65.htm:End Mike's article:I find this idea interesting. It goes along the lines of "if you can't beat them, join them." The question is how will/would the Linux community embrace MS (or not embrace). The reason many seek out alternative to Windows is due to either a hatred or mistrust of MS (or** if you will). I am not very experienced in Linux yet but for those of you who are, would you trust MS with Linux? Another thought/question: IF MS entered the Linux arena and increased awareness of Linux to the general public, would that be good or bad?
  10. Other than here, I visit:LockergnomeSpywareinfoGladiator AntivirusFootballguysI recently started posting at JustLinux.
  11. Since you have the name of this person, give them a call and help them get rid of the problem. You always have the fall back to call the ISP if they don't want to deal with the problem.Your email could have been obtained from the header of an email you sent. If you sent an email to a friend and they forwarded it to another friend... your email could be buried in a header of an email on a friend of a friend of friend's PC.
  12. I have been using v1 since last September and have been very happy with it. I have not yet upgraded but intend to do so. Oblivion, You could post to the Outpost Forum if you have questions. I'm sure someone there has installed v2 .
  13. Thanks! I didn't know if they were on the CD or where I would find them. Borst
  14. Are you sure it was installed with SuSE? I am new to Linux. Red Hat 9 did not install GLIB or GTK. I need both of these to compile packages also. I have DL'd them and will install them tonight. Borst
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