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  1. That fix was on the machine either when I got it (last January) or soon thereafter. This had been a problem since SP2. But the problem cited prevents machines from hibernating, mine hibernates. It just wakes up before I have declared winter over. The software isn't running at the time. As the machine goes into hibernation, it unloads memory to the hard drive. And when it wakes prematurely, it sits patiently waiting for my power on password. Once I give it, the machine reloads memory. So I'm fairly certain that no internal windows software is causing my problem. I think you are correct, but the darned BIOS doesn't offer an option to turn off anything. This is a Sony machine. I called tech services when I first got the machine. It wasn't outsourced, at least I don't think so, but tech support wasn't helpful either. I will combine some of these ideas given and contact Aplian, makers of Replay AV. Perhaps it is not what I thought: an internal schedule; but instead a tap on the shoulder from their server that it's time for me to download. I certainly hope that's not their software model.
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    My XP Pro laptop has a disturbing habit. After I put the computer into hibernate mode, it will wake up. I thought it was random, but I think I have it narrowed it down to some software.I use Replay AV, which allows me to schedule stream recording from internet radio broadcasts. I schedule recordings for specifc times. It is these times that the machine wakes up.The system has the Windows "wake on lan" turned off. There is no bios setting for this. But the system turns on when a recording is scheduled. But I am perplexed. IF I have put the machine into hibernation, then nothing should be running to wake the machine up. I could understand if I was using Stand-by, but hibernate? No way.Does anyone have any idea what is happening here?
  3. Ah, so. I believe you got it. Last summer I bought a media center PC from Dell. It came with the Microsoft remote control. But I didn't want the Win Media Center OS and within a month had replaced it with an OEM version of XP and a 3rd party DVR software. The DVR software came with its own remote so I shelved the MS remote. I dug up the Microsoft remote sensor and sure enough, the back of the sensor has a jack for a earphone sized plug. I'm now sure that the LED+Wire are so that you can extend the sensor's line of sight to the remote.The new remote is radio controlled so I didn't need a similar thing. Since I didn't use the Microsoft remote long, I just forgot its parts.Edit: found a link to the product on Newegg. the wire is in the upper right corner fo the product picture. Newegg ad showing the wire.
  4. I'm not sure if it's fair to play when one doesn't know the answer to one's "and just what, exactly, is that?" question. I came across this wire on my desk. I'm sure it came with something, but I can't figure out what.The picture is of a long wire with an earphone plug on one end and an LED on the other. It does absolutely nothing if I plug it into the earphone jack on my PC or MP3 player. It lights up the LED if I partially insert it into the MIC jack of the PC, but not if inserted fully.More info. On the back of the LED is some sticky tape, as if the LED was meant to be mounted on something. Only a small, spherical LED in that Plicky's head shaped end lights up. LED on a wire
  5. Thanks for the replies. I realize that the info was sketchy at best. I had also set the system to log errors to the event log, but I could never see them in there after the reboots.I think I have the bootable Memtest86 here, doesn't do her much good there. I'll be talking to her later and see how comfortable she feels downloading and running a memory test.
  6. A little background. Please bear with me. My windows XP machine is 6000 miles away. It should be recording television for me to watch overseas, instead it is getting periodic BSODs of the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL flavor. I knew about these before I left home, but I didn't know how to fix them. I replaced my video driver, which seemed to be the culprit, but within a week of my arrival overseas, the machine was unreachable (through either SSH or VPN). I had a friend reboot and all was OK. When I remoted in to the desktop, I could see that she had rebooted and the Beyond TV interface was running, which happens after a reboot. The system stayed up for all of three hours. Then the machine was again inaccessible.Perhaps I can't remotely fix the BSOD, but I want the machine to restart after the BSOD. I can work from there as the SSH server runs as a service and accepts logons remotely. There is a system setting: Settings/System/Advanced/Start up and Recovery(settings): System Failure: Restart after system failure. All of my Google searches found hits where people were complaining about restart loops. The advice to them: uncheck this box. In my case, I want the system to restart. My friend who reboots the box for me is 9 time zones away and cannot get to my machine whenever I want it restarted. Usually, I want to watch TV when she's at work or she's asleep. And she also gets out and about living that life she calls her own.OK. Perhaps it's more than a "little background". Here's the question: why won't the machine reboot as indicated by that checkbox. I've seen this work on another machine. Is there something else wrong with the BSOD computer, or do reboots not happen after the IRQL... BSOD?Edit to add some tech info:Dell Desktop with 3 GB memory. ATI X600 video (i think that's the correct model), Runs Win XP SP2. It's an OEM version. The Dell originally came with Windows Media center, but that had limited networking capabilities. Happaugue PVR 500 MCE dual video card. This latter replaced the Dell dual tuner card which no 3rd party software seemed to support. Lastly, the machine runs Beyond TV to record shows and I use Orb.com to broadcast. When it works, it works well for me.
  7. I missed the 20 count also. It stood out in a bunch of Barracuda listings when I searched Seagate Barracuda on Amazon. I had already purchased it from Newegg when I thought to see what Amazon wanted.
  8. Amazon's offering of a Seagate Barracuda 750 GB drive Wow! I'll save over $16,000!
  9. a few years ago there existed the Googlewhack fad. The idea was to use two real words (no names) that would result in a single Google hit.I figured that Google was so pervasive now, that Googlewhacks are near impossible. But I found one tonight, after about 20 tries:cringeworthy pistil
  10. That's the weird part. I stopped giving out Hotmail as my alternate a few years ago. Now only PC Mag, Scot's newsletter and the Sun Java newsletter are there on a regular basis. And it worked that way up until recently, then four or five spams a day started hitting the account.I guess someone somewhere found me. Sigh...Perhaps I should forward the Viagra ads to Rush Limbaugh?
  11. I'm sure most of the folks here are gmail users, but many of my newsletters were originally with hotmail and I saw no reason to change that. But about two weeks ago I noticed an increase in the amount of spam, most of it sexually oriented, that was coming through. So, has hotmail closed their spam filters or has someone figured out how to get around them?
  12. This time tested method was left out:Post the planning charts and demolition orders for a hyperspatial express route in the local planning department in Alpha Centauri and let the Vogon Constructor Fleet blow the planet up fifty years later.
  13. Some clarification on Snopes. The original bill was introduced 9 months ago. Here's a Washington Post analysis:
  14. Temmu:It's that coffee your avatar is drinking. It's making it too type-A.The only times I've been caught by the delay is when I edit a post soon after saving it. Otherwise, I don't have a problem.
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