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    1. HP HPE 150F- Intel i7Core 860- 12gb DDR3 Ram- 1TB sata HD-DL DVD/CDR-RW- nvidia 240GT- Win7 64/Mageia 3 KDE 4.10 Beta)64 bit Acer 22" LCD 2.. Gateway GM5260 Intel Desktop Computer - Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 gz (, 4GB DDR2 , 320GB SATA II(x2), DL DVD±RW, nVIDIA GeForce GT210, Tuner, Flash Reader, WinXP Media/Fedora 19 64bit 19' Hunyda LCD 3. Gateway GT5238e Intel Desktop Computer - Intel Core 2 E6300 1.86gz (, 4GB DDR2 , 320GB SATA II(x2), DL DVD±RW, nVIDIA GeForce 8600gso, Tuner, Flash Reader, Win7/Mageia 1 32 bit 19' Gateway LCD 4. Systemax AMD 64 3200+ System GA-K8VT800M /160GBhd/2 Gb RAM DDR3200 Nvidia gforce 6600 AGP /Sony 16X DVD-ROM/NEC 3520a 16X DVD DL +/-/7 in1 card reader /Dell M991 WinXP PRO(32bit)PCLinoxOS 2010.12 5. Silver case Home built E6300 Core 2 CPU, 256 Nvidia GF6600 /200GBHD + 250 GB HD SATA /DVD DL±RW /DVD-ROM/OpenSuse 12.3/Mageia 4/Sabayon 12/19" Dell CRT Monitor 6 Dell Deminsion 3000 Intel celeron 2.4 gz 60Gig HD . Intel vid, 784mb PC133 DVD RW+\- DL /DVD-ROM /Chakra Linux 7. Gateway MX6428 AMD Turion 64 ML-37 1.8GHz / 802.11g Wireless / 15.4-Inch WXGA / 1GB DDR / 80GB HDD / DVDRW / Windows XP Media Center/Mandriva 2008.1(wife) 8. Acer Aspire AS5100-3019 Notebook 1.8 GHz AMD Turion X2 64 Mobile TL-56 /4Gb DDR2/ 250GB, DVD±RW/CD-RW, Win7 64 / Linux Mint 12 9. Acer Aspire One AOA150-1570 Netbook 1.6 GHz Intel Atom /1Gb DDR2/ 120GB, DVD ROM/CD-RW(vis usb), Windows XP Home SP3 / Manjaro, 8.9 inch screen @1024x600 10. ASUS EeePC 1005PEB Netbook 1.66GHz Intel Atom /2Gb DDR2/ 250GB, DVD RW/CD-RW(vis usb), Win7 starter / Mageia4, (w/KDE 4.5.5)10.1 screen @1024x600 11. Mini Mac 1.66GHz Intel Core Duo processor ,1gb of 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM MAC OSX 80 Gb HD 12. Toshiba L335D AMS x2 1.2.4 GZ/ 17" Monitor 4Gb RAm 500GB HD WinVista/Mageia 3
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    13. eMachines T5026 Intel Pentium 4 3.GHz HT / 2G DDR / 160GB HDD X 2 / DVD±RW DL / CD-ROM / Flash Media Reader /Intel Vid/Salix OS. 14. eMachines T3104 AMD Sempron 3100+ 1.8GHz / 256MB DDR / 100GB HDD / DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo Drive / Flash Media Reader / Windows XP Home /PCLinuxOS Full Monty
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    15. eMach 466ID 466 Celeron 8Gb HD 160MB SDRAM S-3 On Board DVD-ROM WinME (KVM to 19'Dell M991..garage) 16. Dell Deminsion 700 celeron PII, 80 GB CD-ROM Mepis 8.0 23. TOSHBIA 4010CDS PII , WimME (laptop w/ wireless) 24. Gateway Solo 2300 200 PII, WinME/DSL(laptop w/ wireless) 25 Compaq SR1301WM AMD Sempron 2 GHz 40GB, 256 MB RAM Unity Linux/Linux Mint 26. Hp Laptop... Win 7 &,I have to) Network consist of Motorla 5300SB cable modem to Linksys EA4500 and E4200as router and for Wireless (laptops + and Linksys wap54 access point in garage as wireless client connected to Ciscoi16 Port switch for 8 systems 1 E2500 in Master bedroom as client for machines there and brother HL 2070N printer. Cannon MX770(connect through host) Tinker toys 1.
  1. I retired from farming too, I run the same basic group I have for years now..Mageia, Opensuse, and Manjaro ( with a few other as side kicks). I still tend to lean towards RPM distros and KDE on most machines(guess that is more because they are what I "grew up with").
  2. Wow has it really been that long...For me KDE is still the one, though I am not a plasma fan, I still stick with KDE on newer systems and XFCE on older ones. Having said that, I do wish the developers would iron out issues better before releases, but then again IMO with the exception of the lighter DE's, most seem unstable on early releases(KDE just seems to take lomger to clear theirs up). I believe that has to do with trying to be the answer to all things DE and independent developers creating widgets for just about everything and multiple widgets that do more or less the same things(sometimes more is not better). As far as stabiliy goes, I really havent had any notable issues in a very long time with KDE, but then again I havent had any stability issues with any DE for a long time... Anyway..Happy 19th KDE
  3. Yeah, mine is messed up too....tried to update, wont save changes says there is a format error
  4. I would also check the cmos battery. Usually a cr-2032 button type on the motherboard, if you boot into the bios, is the date off...like by years, another sign is a failure to see devices on boot.
  5. Hey Breach, good to see you Guys/Gals too!! I sometimes wonder what would have happened to my Linux adventure if I had not have stumbled into SFNL and into Bruno. It is amazing the changes in the opensource community over the last decade +. When I first started RTM was common guidence ( only problem was most of the manuals seemed to be written for folks that already knew what they were doing) and most forums ran the same way. SFNL and Bruno(and others here)were different. Though still a geeky group, the time was taken to explain linux in terms I could understand , and Bruno seemed to me to have the talent to quickly determine individual skill sets and talk to those skills. Bruno not only"suggested" I stick with Mandrake, his other suggestion was stick with RPMS /URPMI package managers and learn them. Though Magiea is my primary, I still run mostly rpm based distros. I sometimes think Bruno wanted to create a core of "specialist:" for distro types(ok in my case...it was specifically one type ) Anyway.. I wish I had his patience too.... never seemed to get that part developed very well.
  6. Mandriva as we knew it hasnt been around for awhile now, Mandriva went strictly commerical a few yars ago with most of the developers "breaking off: as the article says forming Mageia and then more company changes and another fork OpenMandriva formed. Regardless of Mandriva problems they are still around. Dont think Mandriva as a company will return this time. In 2003 after flopping around with several distros, Bruno "suggested" I try Mandrake and for 12 years I have ran it, from Mandrake to Magiea (along with others) but always had systems with it. To me, Mageia would be the "most" Mandrake like fork..and is my main OS across most my systems. Anyway, as a company Im not all that surprised Mandriva failed, it always seemed to struggle with a business direction..
  7. Crap, I have a hard enough time getting folks to secure their WIFI ,muchless start trying linux. I have to agree most dont know, care or are aware. And the ones that do, well ..they tend to be like us, they tinker with their systems regardless of OS, and some will try something new. I have had to show some folks how to do something over and over again in linux nd in their mind " the computer is stupid" and linux is to hard, but funny thing is ..same folk I had to show them how to do things in windows over and over again too, and in their minds it was the "stupid computer" What I have found is that even after ranting about windows, for whatever reason(usually its about an application, but they dont know the difference amyway) they still will stick with what they...ummm...know. Except for a few and us closet geeks most folks won't try or change anything until the pain of change is less than the pain of staying the same.
  8. Good article..I have to agree Arch is fun, stable and easy. But, then again "to me" so is Mageia, Opensuse and a few others. In fact, I don't ever think I met a distro I didn't like. I personally don't think there is a" better" distro, just better choices to fit the individual.
  9. Sometimes whe I'm on travel I hit hotels that have a similar setup. Omce in while I can get to the login page if I open a browser (usually firefox) and refresh the page, or sometimes I have to open another tab...other times..It just doesnt matter.
  10. LOL...loved the comments...but if I read between the lines correctly, that was the real reason for the article. The actual value of the article ...well not to much IMO.
  11. Yeah..I've done it too.... :'( I'd re-install too...
  12. Onederer You have not been duped, the 64bit version of PCLinuxOS is 64bit and so are the supporting repos... http://ftp.nluug.nl/os/Linux/distr/pclinuxos/pclinuxos/apt/pclinuxos/64bit/RPMS.x86_64/ if you look there is a 64bit Firefox version firefox-31.0-1pclos2014.x86_64.rpm if your drill up ypu will see the 32 bit folder http://ftp.nluug.nl/os/Linux/distr/pclinuxos/pclinuxos/apt/pclinuxos/32bit/RPMS.updates/ with firefox-31.0-1pclos2014.i586.rpm Not sure how 32bit version got installed...guess at this point it really doesnt matter...Usually if you try to run 64bit OS on a 32 bit machine you will get a warning that the system can not support the OS, at least that is what I have seen..not a freeze up. It is possible that Full Monty has some 32 bit apps that aren't 64bit ported and uses 32mulitilibs to allow those functions, and to do that activates the 32 bit repos folders as well. But that should not convert your system to a 32 bit system.
  13. I still don't know enough about systemd to decide if it is "Good or Bad" I know it is different and changes the workflow..etc...parallel vs sequences..got it. I do understand why...I can even understand why distos are migrating...( hey look faster booting...services can be configured..or not...why write a script when it can be as simple as on/off.or your can still script) got that too. But I aslo know that with few exceptions most of us will not alter either systemd or int. If have a distro, and had to choose and int type, who do i choose it for? General setup for most users? can I proved both? Do I have the resourses to do both? Can I compete if I dont change...even if Im a free (as in Beer) idistro...or do I become a niche. Isn't our Linux Freedoms really based on freedom of choice of what is provided? Having said that...This "Old Dog, New Tricks" stuff really bites...it is hard for me to wrap my head around new stuff as I get older...and sometimes I just plain balk..because I'm afraid it is passing me by and I want keep what I had. Other times I just can't figure it out, and it ticks me off
  14. LOL I think we all are to some degree... at least I know i can be that way...I've heard it is a human trait...Well that's my line and I'm sticking to it
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