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    Lian-Li PC71 full tower case Antec 650w True Power PSU Ultra 325W Add-on PSU in 5 1/4 bay. 5x80mm fans and 2 92mm fans for active cooling plus Thermaltake MaxOrb on the CPU Intel QuadCore Q6600 2.4GHz 4M OC'd to 2.5GHz/1112FSB Intel XBX2 Motherboard 6GB Corsair DDR2 TwinX 6400 ====== Onboard Devices ====== Gigabit Ethernet Intel (R) 82562 Ethernet Device Sound Intel(R) Azalia Audio Device Marvell 6145 SATA RAID Controller Texas Instruments TSB82AA2 1394A/B Controller Highpoint Rocket RAID 2310 PCIe adapter ====== Hard Drive ====== Intel X25M 80GB SSD 2 Seagate 2TB HDD's in RAID 1 2TB Seagate, 1.5TB Seagate, 1 TB WD Green Lite-on 52x CDRW TDK 16x DVD+RW DL Windows 7 Ultimate Klipsch 4.1 audio Logitech MX1100 mouse LG W2240 22"Wide HD, LCD, Samsung SyncMaster SA300 24" LCD Primary
  1. Effective April 1 Sean Payton is suspended for the 2012 season. Payton said that, as head coach, he should take full responsibility for an operation which the NFL says offered improper cash bonuses for blows that either knocked targeted star players out of the game or left them needing help off the field. The league also slapped an eight-game suspension on general manager Mickey Loomis and a six-game suspension on assistant head coach Joe Vitt, who also coaches linebackers. Former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who left the Saints after last season to join the St. Louis Rams, ran the bounty program and has been suspended indefinitely. Goodell also fined the Saints $500,000 and took away second-round draft choices in 2012 and 2013. The NFL has said punishment for players who participated in the bounty program will come later, meaning the Saints could potentially see some defensive regulars suspended as well. The league has said between 22 and 27 players participated in the program. Ya this is football but rewarding guys who dish out game ending hits isn't sportsmanship.
  2. It's kind of odd. At 4:30 that afternoon my Mom called me all out of panic. Asked me where I was. I told her standing in my garage in Waterford why? She then said there was an extremely strong storm in Dexter and you work near there right? I told her yes I was actually at a store not far from there earlier that afternoon, Jackson & Zeeb, but I was home now and going to get my boys at daycare. As soon as I got home I flipped the TV on and watched the news with my boys. There is nothing that can describe in words what you see after a tornado comes thru. I still see the pieces left after a tornado in Dundee back on June 6, 2010. Everyone should see what a real storm is capable of at least once in their lives in person. It will make you feel small in a hurry. It's amazing that this one was all property damage. No one was seriously hurt and there were no fatalities. What I will say after seeing the damage that was done to all those homes. About $500 in extra building materials would have saved most of those houses from the serious damage they sustained. Our building codes and joke inspections need to be changed. It isn't a huge expense to put in wind-proofing and use better techniques for bracing. Glad you survived the hail Steve. That stuff is vicious to a moving car.
  3. The Meadowbrook show was the last one I was at. It is something to behold to be among so many very well kept and running older cars. I didn't have a camera with me that day but this July if I can get to St. Johns I'll be bringing along a charged battery, empty SD card and my Nikon D5100. St. Johns is in Plymouth so it is quite a bit easier to get to for you. I'm about 10 miles west of OU but won't mind the little extra drive to Plymouth. Hey speaking of photography. I'm in AA all the time and try and bring my camera with me when ever I leave home. I'm really looking to warmer weather and walking around AA and in the parks. Did you know there is an automotive museum in Ypsi? http://www.ypsiautoheritage.org/ and http://www.michiganfirehousemuseum.org/ near Depot town in Ypsilanti. I'm starting to get into shooting old infrastructure around in my travels. Posted a few of a Dam I ran across in Homer (south of Albion/Marshall) on Tuesday on Flikr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/38587107@N00/...57629534246017/
  4. I've lost more hard drives and data shutting down being "green" than I can count. Terabytes. One was a drive that Seagate's utilities said had the correct firmware revision but it still bricked after a shutdown overnight. If hibernation worked a bit better I'd use that more but I don't want a 6GB hibernation file on my SSD that only has 14GB free.
  5. Cool stuff. Thanks for sharing. I was thinking about going but had to work. Missed the boat show too. And the NAIAS. Guess I just don't like driving into Detroit. Do you visit the concours d'elegance at Meadowbrook or St. John's too?
  6. Just an FYI on rated wattage on the PSU and what it actually costs to run it 24x365. I have a great Antec 650W PSU in my full size tower. It runs a C2Q6600 on an older Intel 975XBX2 board, 8 hard drives, a pair of DVD drives and a HD5450 GPU. Nothing too energy intensive except at startup. This power supply draws 2.2 amps off my UPS in normal running mode at 123VAC. That's about 270watts. My APC UPS is not 100% efficient but if it were DTE Energy (my electrical utility) says that my PC costs $334.94 to run my PC 168 hours a week 52 weeks a year. Is it still worth keeping it on all the time? It is also interesting that this 650W rated PSU is only using 270W from the wall socket. Sticking in a higher rated capacity PSU will make it last longer. Keep it clean and it will reward you with years of use. Keep it on a good UPS and you might only have to replace it when it runs out of the plugs you need for one of your next PC's. Just for giggles. My 22" LG LCD draws 50 watts where as my new Samsung 24" LED LCD draws so little that the meter doesn't move. Is the extra display worth an extra $60 a year (if it's on 24x365)? After seeing the 200 watt load my Windows Home Server has when it's running I have decided to scale back it's power on times to weekends only for primarily backup purposes only. I had great service from PC Power & Cooling in the last too and can't recommend them highly enough. They even fixed one of my PSU's under warranty after a nearby lightning hit smoked it. If I were in the market for a good new PSU I'd look at efficiency and silence as the reasons for selecting one over another.
  7. Look at a network laser printer from HP or Lexmark. Even a used one might be a decent choice. See http://www.google.com/products/catalog?hl=...ed=0CJQBEPMCMAM I have a Lexmark T632 that is on my network as an IP printer. Works Windows or Linux (Don't own a Mac so I can't test that). It wasn't cheap but the prints are great. I have the duplexer option and print both sides most of the time. I've printed 24685 pages on it and just changed the cartridge back in December (Didn't need to just yet but I have 2 and wanted to swap them early so I can put the original back in later on since I know it still prints great). Paper usage is the only serious $$ concern. What's great about purchasing a business quality printer and using it at home is they last for ever. Even getting it used you are going to get a better printer for the price. They are designed for some serious page counts. I've worked on Lexmark printers with 1,300,000 page counts. Take care of them and you will get tired of looking at it and want a different printer before the thing actually wears out.
  8. FWIW I would try and just run it wired if possible. WiFi isn't a guaranteed connections and you might be getting lost packets and or signal loss. While VGA is ok I'd try for HDMI if possible. I've hooked up my laptop to my 32" LCD a few times and VGA looks ok but getting the audio to be in sync was a pain.
  9. If you are buying new go with a name brand new powersupply. Call it insurance on your purchase and retire the other one.Go with MSI, ASUS or Gigabyte boards with your new Athlon II ideas.I just built a pretty inexpensive Intel based PC for under $200. MSI G35 motherboard $45, Dual core Pentium $50 and 2 GB of DDR2 $80. Pretty easy to build a decent low-buck PC if you don't need to get a case and optical drives. Throw in a $75 powersupply and a $70 1TB hard drive to the above example and it will work great for most things except gamng. My example runs Windows Home Server great. I want to spend more on the storage than the guts and this is the solution I came up with.
  10. I've got an 80 GB Intel X25M SSD as the boot drive in my Win7 64bit PC. Works great. Was $225 when I got it. Wish it was a bit larger because I'm hovering around 10% free with Just Windows 7 and my Apps installed. I have a 2TB Raid Array for my Data and other large drives for other files. Plus I keep a backup on my Windows Home Server. I wouldn't be scared of these SSD's. I've had brand new spinny disks fail too. Everything fails. Make sure the warranty is good and just go with it. I'd use a larger one in y Thinkpad when the 160GB HDD that is in there now starts to fail. Best part is they are cool and small. By going with an SD and getting rid of the hot 10K drives my case temps are much more manageable.
  11. Chrome does the same color changing that IE does when downloading.
  12. Well its an MSI 865PE Neo2 circa Sept 2004. The Northwood P4 2.8 with Hyperthreading should be enough for 7. Worst case scenario is I go back to newegg or microcenter and pick up the motherboard I just thru in my WHS for $50 and a $50 Socket 775 processor and ... it starts adding up fast after that. Doubt I'd be able to convince him he needs all that upgraded because of a virus. I do kmow some of his USB ports are not working on the front of the PC so there might be an issue with the hardware..His issue is he uses 2 apps for the most part. IE and Nero. He copies DVD's that he shot of his Horse for interested parties looking for stud work. If I had to teach him another burning program I think I'd pull my hair out. I can't remote in since it is 44.2kb/s dialup so I get to drive an hour each way to hold his hand. Tough thing is I have always under sold my services to him. This time it is going to be $200-$250 door to door for the repair. Figure I'll have 5 or 6 hours on the repair plus 4 hours of driving to/from. All of this is because of XPAntivirus 2010 (or what ever it was going by at the time) and his wife installing it and even paying $40 for it.
  13. Math is off in you addition of 12 to 1577757304.56. It should equal 1577757316.56 not 1577757312.56
  14. I'd like to hear how the upgrade went. I too have an older HD4550 Graphics adapter. It runs Win7 ok but If I plan on gaming on my new 1920x1080 monitor (and secondary 1280x1024 monitor) I might need a tad more power. I've heard from Ryan @ PCPer that the 460 is a bit loud. My current card is fanless and I don't want that "wind tunnel" noise.
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