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  1. It seems logical that the best way to protect your system from viruses, trojans, and other scumware that slithers into your Registry and does its dirty work, is to keep the b*st**ds from getting into your Registry in the first place. So I installed Greyware Registry Rearguard (GRR!) over a year ago, and it's kept my system even cleaner than my mom's floors. Other than my "Fellowship Of The Ring" extended dvd, the best twenty-five dollars I've ever spent!http://www.greyware.com/software/grr/overview.aspWendolene
  2. Just a few thoughts from a relative Newbie:Stomp's BUMP can be a bit confusing, and, for a new computer user, pretty much a matter of trial-and-error. But bottom line for me is that it works. My opinion is probably influenced by the fact that when my laptop crashed catastrophically three months ago, I had a full set of back-up disks ready to go. One or two minor glitches later, I was back up and running with almost every file intact. Other than software that just doesn't work, the real Hall Of Shamers are the arrogant SOB's who install spyware on your computer. Stomping's too good for 'em!Wendolene
  3. Sad to say, Jeber, I haven't seen that nice Wallace and his little doggie since he "fixed" Preston for me. I'm terribly sad that our lack of common ground on the subject of cheese should have driven a "wedge" between us, but it has, and we have since gone our separate ways. We still exchange cards at Christmastime, however, so I shall write a note on my next card giving Gromet your deepest and most sincere regards.Ms. W. Ramsbottom
  4. (Mmmmm, Alfas...)Hi, everyone! Guess my first post may as well be car-related.Current car is a 1989 Dodge Daytona Turbo with 74K on the clock, and still almost brand-new. It's fast when I want it to be, everything major except for brake rotors and head gasket has already been replaced, it's comfortable, and it's paid for. Previous cars began with a string of Fiat 124 Spiders ('69, '72, and a '75) and then I realized that if I got a job selling cars, I could ride for free. Daily drivers over the years consisted of (depending on where I was working) everything from Fiats, BMWs, Datsuns, most British sports cars, and a few 8-passenger Dodge vans, to Dodge Omnis, K-cars and pickups.Affordable dream cars - PT Cruiser Turbo, Subaru WRX, Ford EscapeFantasies - Audi A6 Turbo Quattro or Ferrari Dino 246GTS
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