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  1. If I am understanding what you want to do, it is simple.Under Tools, Options, General Tab, change Measurement from Inches to centemeters, and then when you print change page setup, do so accordingly.
  2. and I gave my NCAA basketball tickets away so I could watch.
  3. I have to believe that you missed:Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!
  4. I had what sounds like the same problem, and I hit the alt+ctl+del keys and got a log in screen and then went on like normal. You can try it.
  5. Many freight company's only deliver to business. Tailgate delivery is only thing offered. You get it off the truck. Want a 60' semi pulling into your driveway?I agree I would be leery of such a thing. I guess I would do a little research on the company that is doing the selling.
  6. "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"
  7. I didn't get that far. I should have tried Google first before posting here. I just thought it was something simple and easy, that one of you would say "oh ya, just do this" and bingo.Surprise for me.I have about 5 file unlocker programs now, and the one that worked..........and I haven't rebooted yet was UNLOCKERI appreciate you all for looking and helping. I admit, I was just lazy and looked for the easy way out.Lions won their first one.Tigers won their last seven.The Wings and Pistons look promising.Go DetroitThanks again, I am happy Chuck
  8. It didn't do it either. Anyone got more ideas?
  9. I am sure it is a fine program, BUT.............didn't work.Anyone have anther thing to try?tiaChuck.........who doesn't usually get into trouble.
  10. Thanks............I have downloaded and will give it a try.
  11. I have a Icon on my XP Home desktop that I can't move, rename, or delete.It has zero bytes.It says when I try to delete, "Cannot Delete File: Cannot read from the source file or disk"I have tried "Restore" and it still comes back.Any help would be appreciated.
  12. I envy you and the Paris part.Love to go back.
  13. If I have too, I am willing to throw my lips on another martini glass and go back to sleep.
  14. Diane,Yes you can justify text.Open TOOLS>CUSTOMIZE TOOLBAR>Format and drag justify button on to toolbar.I still use works 4.5 and think that it is by far superior to all the new Works Programs by its easy use and learning curve.Once you learn to use it, you can do almost anything with it.
  15. I signed up with them as part of Mailwasher Pro.With in few days I got a email from spammer threatening to really load me down with spam if I didn't leave BlueFrog. I hope they can hang in there. Spam is one of my biggest peeves.
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