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  1. LilBambi

    The Raspberry Pi

    I was going to say yes, some are making money by stealing the hard work another person's Raspberry Pi (s) is/are making... Now I see someone using a Raspberry Pi to steal from JPL... joy...sigh...
  2. :th_Smiley-Wave: Happy Birthday, Liz!! :th_Smiley-Wave:
  3. Sad... has GMail been doing this for years? Or did they quit years ago when Yahoo said they didn't do this? Also... AOL also handles Verizon DSL email now. Wonder if this policy would pertain to the AOL/Verizon users?
  4. Yep...When all else fails, shutdown, wait 10 secs, boot it back up. Has fixed many a glitch!
  5. The name sounds like Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock Holmes' elder brother. Nice to have an open source assistant like Amazon's Echo and Google Home.
  6. So that would mean extended support: 4/11/2023 for Office 2013, right?
  7. And now they have to keep Solitaire or deal with user distain.
  8. Looks like some very nice features all around. I sure hope the look doesn't change much LOL I have some elderly users that are having a fit that it doesn't work like their old Outlook in Office 97 LOL as it is! I wish I could set their theme for them to Office 97 or Office 2003 themes to keep them happy.
  9. Whoa! 1 GB RAM usage definitely sounds a bit excessive. But how much memory on the computer? Maybe it thinks it can sprawl because you have a lot of RAM?
  10. I was thinking the same thing recently, crp lol
  11. I would definitely do a backup of his data including .pst file(s) before going further ... just in case. Which I am sure was your first move...
  12. In Windows 10, I personally leave the shutdown mode to default mode regardless of the type of hard drive.
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