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looking for a , well, i guess a PIM

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Posted 20 December 2011 - 05:17 PM

at present , I am using email hosted on linux servers running sendmail and SquirelMail as the client (when not using pine).
Thing is , I want more flexibility in my grouping.
For instance, my boss sends me an email about a client. I want to be able to view this email in a branch of 'boss missive' and in a branch of 'client A issues' with only 1 copy of the email being stored.

Back in the old days, I recall a PIM where I could assign tags to a message and be able to set up views. I don't want to use a desktop PIM since I want to be able to access these email stores from several locations. A CRM would be way overkill for this.

Are there such things as online flexible views PIM that could snarf up standard UNIX mailboxes?

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