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Tweaking Internet Explorer to only use TLS 1.2

Yesterday, 08:18 PM

Posted by Computerworld in Computerworld News

I rarely write about Internet Explorer. In part, its because I don't use it, but also, on the assumption that no one that reads a Defensive Computing blog uses it either. Nonetheless, I included it in this series on limiting web browsers to TLS 1.2, because, frankly, it does such a good job of it.

To recap, there are six versions of the security protocol that underlies secure websites, those transmitted with HTTPS rather than HTTP. The two oldest versions SSL 2 and SSL 3 have not been considered secure for a very long time and are no longer used by websites or web browsers. The next three versions, known as TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 are the topic at hand. There is an even newer version, TLS 1.3, but it is still in draft status and hardly used anywhere.

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Firefox to Upgrade 32x Users to 64x

Yesterday, 06:10 PM

Posted by Corrine in Social Media
Via 32-Bit Firefox Users on 64-Bit PCs Will Be Auto-Upgraded to 64-Bit Firefox, starting with version 56, Firefox will "silently and forcibly auto-upgrade" users running the 32-bit version of Firefox on 64-bit computers with more than 2GB of RAM to the 64-bit version.  Version 55 is scheduled for release August 8 and Version 56 is scheduled for September 26.

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10+ iOS 11 iPad Pro productivity tips

Yesterday, 08:59 AM

Posted by Computerworld in Computerworld News

With iOS 11, Apple’s iPad Pro has become an even more effective productivity tool, setting it apart from other tablets with its combination of portability and computational ability.

For the purposes of this short report, I’ve assumed you use the most productive iPad Pro configuration, which includes a Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil.

Take a Note

Apple Pencil gains a great new ability: When your iPad is locked, just tap the screen with your Apple Pencil to automatically open a Note. Now that you are in Notes, you can draw, write and more. Notes will also let you scan documents, as we’ll explain here. One more thing: Apple Pencil’s (already good) latency has been reduced to just 20 milliseconds.

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