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Problem with PMs here

Today, 11:44 AM

Posted by zlim in Forum Feedback
I tried to send a PM but I can't get messenger to even open.
I've tried on Palemoon, Firefox ESR, Vivaldi and Internet Explorer.

I'll try on my android tablet to see if it works there.

Appears that chrome on android works. I'm not about to install chrome on my Windows 7 desktop. I'll make other arrangements if I can't send a PM.

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Debian point release 9.7 for apt vulnerability

Today, 06:21 PM

Posted by sunrat in Bruno's All Things Linux
Debian has just released a special point release specifically to address a vulnerability in apt.


The Debian project is pleased to announce the seventh update of its
stable distribution Debian 9 (codename "stretch"). This point release
incorporates the recent security update for APT [1], in order to help
ensure that new installations of stretch are not vulnerable. No other
updates are included.

More details:

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Neptune OS installation

Yesterday, 09:30 PM

Posted by sunrat in Bruno's All Things Linux
Last night I was feeling restless so killed some time by installing Neptune OS on my more beefy computer. Neptune is based on Debian Stretch but has rebuilt KDE Plasma 5.12 to be compatible. Default Stretch has Plasma 5.8 and the improvements by 5.12 are significant.
Installation was a piece of cake. Boot from USB key and follow instructions. GRUB was set up correctly on UEFI during installation. Adding Nvidia driver from stretch-backports was simple, system has 4K monitor and GTX970 so works better with it. The only slightly tricky bit was getting sound to work. Pavucontrol showed the correct card and metering but no sound. A visit to Alsamixer was required to raise volumes for my M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card.
Neptune has a decent selection of included programs, the usual suspects such as LibreOffice, GIMP, Thunderbird, Okular, Inkscape and VLC. Default browser is Chromium.
Not so usual is the inclusion of some dedicated multimedia programs such as Ardour, Audacity and Kdenlive. Amarok is the default music player which has great library functions and looks nice but has an annoying glitch with ReplayGain which I use for all music. The ReplayGain setting kicks in a second or so after the song starts playing so it changes level. For this reason I'll be installing my old favourite DeadBeef as it handles ReplayGain better although it has less features.
Overall Neptune OS is very well-behaved and functional, a great derivative of Debian Stretch featuring a nice more modern Plasma implementation. I could easily use it as a daily driver but siduction has always treated me well - 11 years and counting now! I am seriously considering switching to Debian Buster when it's released in about 6 months although maybe even before that as the freeze has just started. Buster will have Plasma 5.14 which is just plain excellent. As much as I love siduction, it does take a lot of work keeping it updated.

Neptune OS, a solid 8.5/10 from me!


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