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Firefox CSP Issue may cause extension conflicts

Today, 03:15 PM

Posted by Corrine in Social Media
From Firefox CSP Issue may cause extension conflicts - gHacks Tech News:


Mozilla Firefox has an issue right now that is causing conflicts if multiple extensions are installed that modify CSP headers on visited sites.

CSP, which stands for Content Security Policy, is a security addition that sites may use to detect and mitigate certain attack types such as Cross Site Scripting or data injections.

Browser extensions may use CSP injection to modify headers. The popular content blocker uBlock Origin may use it to block remote fonts from loading on pages visited in the browser, and Canvas Blocker uses it to block data URL pages.

The referenced article includes a link that ghacks maintains of extensions known to use CSP.  In addition to uBlock Origin, the list includes popular extensions including HTTPS Everywhere and others.

If you use uBlock Origin on Firefox and are experiencing issues, try the following solution for uBlock Origin:  
  • Tools > Add-ons > Extensions > uBlock Origin
  • Dashboard > Settings > UNcheck "Block remote fonts" under Default Behavior.

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Antergos Linux Project Ends

21 May 2019

Posted by securitybreach in Bruno's All Things Linux
It was a nice project. Unlike other derivatives, Antergos always stuck to the vanilla repos for packages and only added their own custom repo for branding (themes, icons and such). So an experienced Archlinux user could use Antergos for a quick setup and then remove the Antergos parts right afterwards without any problems. Just like they explain in their farewell message.


What started as a summertime hobby seven years ago quickly grew into an awesome Linux distribution with an even more awesome community around it. Our goal was to make Arch Linux available to a wider audience of users by providing a streamlined, user friendly experience including a safe place for users to communicate, learn, and help one another. There have been 931,439 unique downloads of Antergos since 2014 (when we began keeping track). We think it’s safe to say we’ve accomplished our goal.

Today, we are announcing the end of this project. As many of you probably noticed over the past several months, we no longer have enough free time to properly maintain Antergos. We came to this decision because we believe that continuing to neglect the project would be a huge disservice to the community. Taking this action now, while the project’s code still works, provides an opportunity for interested developers to take what they find useful and start their own projects.

For existing Antergos users: there is no need to worry about your installed systems as they will continue to receive updates directly from Arch. Soon, we will release an update that will remove the Antergos repos from your system along with any Antergos-specific packages that no longer serve a purpose due to the project ending. Once that is completed, any packages installed from the Antergos repo that are in the AUR will begin to receive updates from there.

The Antergos Forum and Wiki will continue to be available until such time it becomes clear that users have moved on to other projects. However, we do not anticipate keeping the forum and wiki operational for more than three months.

We want to thank you for all of your support over the years. While working on this project, we’ve learned many invaluable skills that have vastly improved both our personal and professional lives. For that we will always be grateful.

-Dustin, Alex, & Gustau


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Microsoft Cumulative Update Released for Windows 10 Versions 1803 &

21 May 2019

Posted by Corrine in Security & Networking

Microsoft has released cumulative updates with non-security improvements and fixes for Windows 10 Versions 1803 and 1809.  In addition to the numerous improvements and fixes, the update provides the following functionality change which allows the user to decide when to install a feature update:


"we are introducing functionality that allows you to decide when to install a feature update. You control when you get a feature update while simultaneously keeping your devices up to date. Feature updates that are available for eligible devices will appear in a separate module on the Windows Update page (Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update). If you would like to get an available update right away, select Download and install now. To find out more about this feature, please go to this blog."
To view the improvements and features, see the following: To download and install this update, go to Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update and select Check for updates.
To get the standalone package for this update, go to the Microsoft Update Catalog website.

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