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e - Extract Any Archive

Today, 10:18 AM

Posted by abarbarian in Bruno's All Things Linux
Was looking for a  way to extract a .rpm so I could look at the contents and came across this little beast. It did not manage to unpack the .rpm as it happens.

This is the file I tried to open,


However I did install the program on my Arch set up and it seems to work really well for the few compressed archives I tried it on.

The article I found was here at nixCraft


which led me to the developers page,




With this little tool you can extract almost any archive in Linux so you do not need to remember which tool and what command lines are necessary.

I got fed up with the sheer impossible number of compression formats out there. I am an avid linux command line user, but remembering 20 different commands with strange switches to get to the juicy content of a compressed files is too much for me.
Therefore I have just happily spent a few hours of my life to write the application e that identifies which extraction tool to call with what parameter in order to save me precious seconds of rereading forgotten manpages.


I was also inspired by the ugliness of the tool unp which tries to do exactly what e does. I did not like the implementation (written in Perl), and thought I can have the same features in a much simpler and more extensible way. The result is that e is just about 80 lines of code, where most of it is either comment or rules that define when to call what.

Just another oddity brought to you by by my curiosity for the esoteric. :breakfast:

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Today, 11:45 AM

Posted by abarbarian in Bruno's All Things Linux
Hi I am having a go at making a PKGBUILD on my Arch.
At the moment my aim is to make a proper pkgbuild so that I can install the program with pacman on my pc.
Yes I know I can try to install the program without doing this but I want to try building a basic package for some experience.

I have a few questions and will seek answers on a one by one basis to keep things nice and simple.

I have found a .rpm of the program I want to archify. At the .rpm page I can also see a link to the source code and a link to some patches.
Here are the links,



Bear in mind when I say I will ask one question at a time I am a long term Python fan.

First question,

Will the source file contain the patches or will I have to add the patches to the source file to create the pkgbuild ?


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Today, 09:14 AM

Posted by Computerworld in Computerworld News

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