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Hoefler Font Scam

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#1 OFFLINE   raymac46


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Posted 23 February 2017 - 09:18 PM

Heard of this one?


It's all over Facebook. Most of this stuff is nasty enough, but the FUD around this one is unreal. Basically it installs some adware which you can get rid of with Malware Bytes or equivalent. The principle could be used for worse malware I suppose.
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#2 OFFLINE   securitybreach


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Posted 23 February 2017 - 09:40 PM

Interesting, thanks :thumbsup:
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#3 OFFLINE   zlim


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Posted 24 February 2017 - 12:04 PM

I saw a post yesterday at one of the forums from someone who installed this bogus font. Just to clarify, Hoefler is a font but the popup says Heoeflertext font, which is bogus.

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#4 OFFLINE   ebrke


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Posted 24 February 2017 - 03:07 PM

That's why I gave my mother a limited user account. She doesn't know the password for admin-level, so she can't install anything. She also keeps picking up something on Facebook that produces a pop-up saying she's infected with a virus, blah, blah, blah. I've told her NEVER to click on anything in the popup but to just close the browser. It tells her if she doesn't take action her account will be frozen, but of course when she restarts the browser everything is okay. Unfortunately, she never remembers what she was trying to do when it happens. *sigh*

Not to highjack this thread, but I got a really funny message left on my landline phone a few days ago. YOUR WINDOWS PC IS INFECTED . . . blah, blah, blah. CALL US BACK IMMEDIATELY TO SPEAK TO A TECH BEFORE YOU LOOSE ACCESS TO EVERYTHING ON YOUR PC . . . blah, blah. And then the sign-off, which left me laughing for 10 minutes: if you're not a windows user, please disregard this message. :hysterical:
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#5 OFFLINE   abarbarian


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Posted 24 February 2017 - 08:44 PM

View Postebrke, on 24 February 2017 - 03:07 PM, said:

And then the sign-off, which left me laughing for 10 minutes: if you're not a windows user, please disregard this message. :hysterical:

That is great news, finally folk are realizing that there is more to life than Redmond. :breakfast:
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