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Openshot major improvements

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Posted 13 February 2015 - 01:29 PM


February Update: GIFs, Video Playback, Cross-Platform, Installers, and Releases

Greetings and welcome to a special OpenShot Valentines Weekend Update! It has been way, way too long since my last update, and I have a tons of news and info to share with everyone.
Over the past few months, many new features and improvements have been implemented in libopenshot (our new video editing library), and much work has been completed on our new Python3 / Qt5 application. So, let’s dive into the details!

Animated GIF Support

Posted Image
                                                                  Animated GIF Example

The OpenShot Library now has very powerful animated GIF reading and writing built in. With just a few lines of code, you can now create an animation with any size, any framerate, and loop it as many times as you want. FFmpeg does provide some GIF encoder options, but it did not seem to implement an accurate color palette, leaving the GIF animations pretty sad looking. This led me towards implementing a new ImageWriter class, which can export single and multi-frame images with ease, powered by ImageMagick. Bottom line: this feature is really cool, and will be fully integrated into OpenShot 2.0.

Video Playback Improvements

Video playback has been one of the most challenging parts of creating OpenShot 2.0. When I first started designing libopenshot and OpenShot 2.0, I underestimated the difficulty in writing a flexible and stable video player. I had made the incorrect assumption that Qt5, GTK+, or SDL would give me a simple way to incorporate video playback. Over the past 2 months, I quickly found myself writing a large and complex video playback engine. I am happy to announce that video playback is now working great, and has the following features:
  • Any framerate
  • Any size with scaling (maintaining aspect ratio)
  • Any colorspace
  • Any number of audio channels and different audio layouts (mono, stereo, surround, etc…)
  • Frame by frame seeking and random, ad hoc seeking
  • Any playback speed (reverse & forward)
  • A standalone video player executable (now included with libopenshot)

Posted Image
                                                                                   OpenShot Video Player

Cross-Platform Improvements

One of my primary goals with OpenShot 2.0 is full cross-platform support, with feature parity across Linux, Mac, and Windows. This has now been successfully achieved, and all 3 platforms are working identically… or as identically as you might expect. The Mac version has a global menu, they each have their own platform-specific file browsers, and slightly different color and icon themes. One thing of note, is Qt5 has gone through 4 major releases since I’ve started working on OpenShot 2.0. With each new release, I've noticed a few minor bugs that affect OpenShot. The newest version is the most stable, as you might expect. This has been a mild headache keeping up with the rapid pace of change on that project… not to mention a few other projects, like FFmpeg / libAV...

Posted ImagePosted Image
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