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Posted 09 January 2018 - 05:04 AM

I don't think that SalentOS will attract a lot of users, but I took a look at the latest release -- SalentOS 2.0 ("Neriton") and I'd say it's one of the best Stable-based distros out there.

Website: http://www.salentos.it/
At DistroWatch: https://www.distrowa...bution=salentos

This Stretch-based release ships loaded with useful tools for live sessions. Installation was quick and easy. The default Openbox setup is fine for getting right to work; I ended up changing everything around to suit my own tastes, as any self-respecting Openbox user would do, and I added a handful of my favorite apps.

I'm a big fan of distros that are based on Debian Stable. There aren't many of them, and they tend to come and go. I hope that SalentOS can hang around for awhile; I found it to be a pleasant surprise, excellent for live sessions and also great as an installed system. Uses mainly Stretch repos along with one SalentOS repo. I put it on one of my computers in a dual-boot setup with BunsenLabs "Deuterium", which takes a different approach than SalentOS but is another fine Stable-based Openbox distro (still waiting for the Stretch-based release of that one).

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Posted 15 January 2018 - 01:35 PM

Well the default set up is nice to look at.
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Posted 16 January 2018 - 11:02 AM

Looks like a nice release. SalentOS appears to be a good alternative to BunsenLabs. Some might see it as a better alternative.

Both BunsenLabs and SalentOS give you Debian Stable with only Openbox, by way of a quick installation, and ready-to-use. Both have good live sessions. BL is geekier (isn't that part of its appeal? lol); SalentOS is prettier and more GUI-centric.

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