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To update or not to update, that is the question....

Today, 08:18 AM

Posted by wa4chq in Bruno's All Things Linux
Good morning all......  I've been wondering about this for some time now.  My phone updates, my laptop that isn't connected to the internet is reminding be I have 2 zillion things that need updating..... updates!  but my Slack doesn't say a word....

I'm running Slackware 14.1 (applause) and did the full install a few years ago.  Over the years I've been a Slackman I've never updated anything.  Like I said, I usually do the full install but then I will gradually add things not included on the discs I get from the Slackware store (like to show my support) (more applause).  I'll go to the Slackbuilds.org site and get the extras from there.  I'm just a normal Linux user.  Don't use the computer for work etc...just like Linux as my OS.

Let's say I didn't add anything else, what trouble can I get myself into if I don't do updates?  Will the trouble begin when I start adding the extras?  You're probably saying to yourself... "This dude must be having some issues because he's asking this question..."  well sorta....not anything to stop me from happily booting up every morning but I do see some error messages when I shutdown.  I'm not going to post the error messages because that isn't why I'm posting this question but I will say I started noticing them after I reinstalled Seamonkey....this btw wasn't a Slackbuild.    And I seem to get them if I use GIMP during that session.....

So is it bad practice not to perform updates if you do a complete install and don't add anything else?

Thanks.  Hope you all have a nice day.


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The paranoid Android traveler’s data-protection checklist

Today, 06:01 AM

Posted by Computerworld in Computerworld News

International border crossings are often legal gray areas where government agents can, and sometimes do, ask travelers for access to their laptops, phones and other mobile devices. Complying with the request allows them to freely search, read or copy documents, emails, passwords, contacts and social media account information.

Here's how to safeguard corporate and personal data when traveling with recent Android-based phones and tablets, using the Chrome browser. (Part 1 of this series, which focuses on the legal background of border searches, and traveling tips for Apple devices, is available here.)

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Enhance your resume (the vendor sales rep way!)

Today, 06:00 AM

Posted by Computerworld in Computerworld News

Flashback to the early 1980s, when this programmer pilot fish is writing code for IBM's newest and tiniest minicomputer: the System/23 Datamaster.

"It was the granddaddy of the IBM PC," fish says. "It was an all-in-one computer that would fit on a desk, but it weighed almost 100 lbs. and cost almost $10,000. My employer used it for inventory management.

"When the IT VP asked if we could get a word processor for it, I knew there was supposed to be an option like that -- hardware plus software -- that cost $1,000.

"But our IBM sales guy told me it wasn't available. Then he suggested we upgrade to a System/34. This was a significantly more expensive computing platform than what we already had -- about $100,000.

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