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Yesterday, 06:33 PM

Posted by raymac46 in Bruno's All Things Linux
I got tired of Ubuntu MATE in my Windows VirtualBox so I'm auditioning a couple of new candidates:
  • MX Linux 18 - I run this on the rails in old equipment and Xfce is always a good choice in virtual machines. It installed easily and I had to run the Guest Additions CD to get the full screen and other goodies, but it looks great now.
  • Mageia 7 - It is my favorite RPM distro and again was easy to install. I'm using the lovely KDE Plasma here. I had to work harder to install the Guest Additions. Although it claimed to have a package installed it didn't work, so I had to install the kermel development package and then build the modules from the Guest Additions CD. It appears to have worked because I'm typing this from a nice full screen in Mageia running in VBox. I am not 100% confident though as Mageia has a habit of breaking in VBox after updates.

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12 Jul 2019

Posted by sunrat in Bruno's All Things Linux
With the impending threat of the EU Copyright Directive, it has become more important to control your own internet use rather than leaving it in the hands of mega-corporations and governments.
Enter FreedomBox. This little private server system based on a board such as RaspberryPi


empowers regular people to host their own internet services, like a VPN, a personal website, file sharing, encrypted messengers, a VoIP server, a metasearch engine, and much more.


You can build and set up your own or buy a ready-to-go one for €82

It was hard to decide where to put this. Hardware? Security? I figured since it's open source, most of the interested readers would be in BATL.

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Philip Gibbs

13 Jul 2019

There is another thread about Linux Books that seems to have morphed into a thread on old murder mysteries and historical writing. Rather than continue to hijack this thread, I'll start one here about my favorite writer of World War 1 - Philip Gibbs (1877-1962)
Gibbs was in his 30s when the Great War Started and an experienced war correspondent. He went to the Western Front early on, and refused to return to England when the War Office imposed censorship on dispatches from France. He was arrested and deported but later on agreed to work under the rules and spent the rest of the War reporting from the front lines. He got to tell it his way after the War and it's a great read.


Gibbs was knighted in the 1920s, had the first English interview with Pope Benedict XV, and continued to write books about Britain after the War. He was shaken by the carnage in the trenches and briefly flirted with appeasing Hitler in the 30s. He soon came round, and although he was too old to undertake another War as a correspondent, he worked in the War Office in World War 2.

He was a great writer, but unfortunately you cannot write about earth shaking historical events when you are in the middle of them. Too much recency bias and you don't know the ending (although your readers 100 years later will.) But if you read only one thing by Gibbs let it be "Now It Can Be Told."

By the way , Philip Gibbs' aunt worked in Buckingham Palace for Queen Victoria and it is said she got to spank the Kaiser when he was misbehaving as a small boy. :yes:

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