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Had to do a google for Meh

Yesterday, 09:52 PM

Posted by mhbell in Bruno's All Things Linux
Was wondering what Meh was, So I did a google and this is what I got.




Millennials aren’t interested in what they aren’t interested in. And they have an expression for it: “meh.” There’s no mystery where “meh” comes from. It was expressed, and even spelt out, in episodes of The Simpsons, which could be considered the ultimate Millennial TV show. At first, when the Simpson daughter, Lisa, used it in 1992, it was hardly more than a mutter, but it was used again from time to time and in a 2001 episode she spelt it out, dignifying it as a word and not just a sound.


Homer: Kids, how would you like to go to Blockoland?

Bart and Lisa: Meh.

Homer: But the TV gave the impression that…

Bart: We said meh.

Lisa: M-E-H. Meh.

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Many Linux snobs push the Arch operating system as the greatest thing

Yesterday, 04:06 PM

Posted by mhbell in Bruno's All Things Linux

Many Linux snobs push the Arch operating system as the greatest thing since sliced bread. In fact, somemembers of the Arch community (not all of them) can be downright mean and unpleasant to non-users. Not using Arch? Ugh. Peasant! In reality, while Arch is a fine OS (stable and fast), it can be very hard to install and set up, and quite frankly, often not worth the hassle. People have lives to live, and sometimes it is easy to forget that an operating system and associated computer are tools -- not a religion.

For the rest of the story: https://betanews.com...gnome-kde-xfce/

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Windows 10 quick tips: How to protect your privacy

Yesterday, 03:27 PM

Posted by Computerworld in Computerworld News

There has been some concern that Windows 10 gathers far too much private information from users. Whether you think Microsoft's operating system crosses the privacy line, or just want to make sure you protect as much of your personal life as possible, we're here to help. Here's how to protect your privacy in just a few minutes.

[[NOTE: The Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Windows Creators Update have made some changes in these areas. Where there are differences, we have added information on how users should proceed if they have installed the Update.]]

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