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Posted 31 January 2004 - 12:45 PM

Interesting article about selective listing practices at VersionTracker.comQuoted in it's entirely.


January 8, 2004:VersionTracker.com demonstrates discriminatory business practices and insecurity in face of competition.Most Mac OS X users are all too familiar with Speed Download 2, an extremely fast and complete download manager for Mac OS X that is continuously updated and improved on a regular basis with every user feedback taken into consideration.On January 8, 2004, Yazsoft has released version 2.2 of Speed Download which includes, as many users requested, the ability to get up to the minute listings of the latest Macintosh applications as well as, be able to add these applications to ‘Watch Lists’ so that they are automatically and effortlessly notified when an update to this application(s) is released.Yazsoft integrates with MacShareware.net, which is the newest and fastest growing Macintosh software database online. The reason we chose MacShareware’s database is because it fits perfectly with the way we would to like design, implement, and build upon this feature. Our number 1 objective is to provide the fastest download manager as well the best software updating/monitoring tool to every Mac OS X user at a fair and reasonable ONE TIME price.As a result of our innovation, VersionTracker is once again putting into effect its discriminatory practices and is refusing to update and post the latest version of Speed Download 2 in its database.VersionTracker.com offers an application they call VersionTracker Pro which offers what seems to be a similar software updating mechanism but that naturally connects to their database. Their product is a $50US subscription product that has to be renewed every year. Speed Download offers all the benefits of VersionTracker and a lot more for a one time fee of only $20; there are no monthly or yearly subscription fees All updates are FREE to all registered SD2 users. We do not believe in charging users for information that is initially FREE!As a result, VersionTracker is refusing to update and post the latest version of Speed Download 2 for what clearly seems to be ‘fear of the competition’. Not only is this behavior wrong and discriminating, it is also filtering out information that the Mac users have every right to receive. Also. it seems like VersionTracker is in breach of their business policy which invites any developer to post information regarding their software. Speed Download has previously always been listed on VersionTracker, and Yazsoft has generously provided VersionTracker with some FREE NFR codes so that some of their staff members can use it. Today Speed Download 2 is no longer being listed on VersionTracker, and VersionTracker is not responding to any of our emails.We bring this matter to the attention of the Macintosh community because we believe you need to know the truth about the practices of VersionTracker, a once very good and respected Mac site. There are other excellent software sites online that in our opinion, do a much better job than VersionTracker and do not discriminate against the work of developers no matter what the product is. Two of greatest sites are MacShareware.net, and macupdate.com. Both are very Mac oriented and driven by the quality that inspires the Macintosh community. For international users, there is also mactechnews.de.All developers and Macintosh users are welcome to visit MacShareware.net and try out Speed Download 2.2. Again, UNLIKE VERSIONTRACKER.com, THERE ARE NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES TO PAY. SD2 is only $20 and that’s all you will ever spend for something will become even more indispensable as we continue to build and improve upon.As well, If you are a developer that has been wrongfully discriminated against by VersionTracker.com, please email in your story. We will add it to what seems to be a growing number of complaints by some very good and well-respected developers who’s accounts have been quietly deleted from the VersionTracker database. Now is the time to speak up.
:thumbsup: Story Source: Speed Download 2 | Press Release:w00t: Yazsoft | Speed Download 2Anyone interested in getting a free license code for Speed Download 2???  Today is the LAST day to promote Speed Download 2 on your site with one of their banners or buttons, and get a free code once you email them showing the site with the banner.  Again today is the LAST day. More info: :lol: Story Source: Speed Download 2 | Press Release

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