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Train Simulator 2019 64-Bit

Today, 08:54 AM

Posted by raymac46 in All Things Windows
Train simulator games are much different than typical shoot 'em ups like PUBG or Call of Duty. They don't come up with a new format or graphics engine every year or sooner. The Train Sim I use is now called Train Simulator 2019 but its basic elements go all the way back to 2007.
Instead, train simmers collect new routes and rolling stock over the years. A lot of this is payware DLC and quite a bit is made by independent companies that use the basic game as their canvas to create a new locomotive type or produce a new route. You want to keep this stuff going as long as you own the sim.
Now the train sim game maker has come up with a new game called Train Sim World that uses the Unreal Engine for gameplay and looks fantastic. However none of the old content works with it, so you are back to page one. In addition this new TSW needs better hardware than I have now. I stick to the old game.
But they are helping me out as the latest version of my old game has been released in a 64-bit edition. The graphics are the same - you are using DirectX9 after all - but it allows me to use more memory than before so I can load more route info and assets without getting a case of the glitchies part way through my run. It seems to take better advantage of the SSD where I park all my game info. The update was free.
As far as I can see the maker of the Train Sim will support both the older Train Simulator and the newer TSW for some time to come. That's good news.

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wow, did not expect Principled Tech to do this.

10 Oct 2018

don't know where this fits , so here we go.
Gamers Nexus during its negative crtique of Principle's work on the CPU tests did mention that the company was near by.

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Compounding the Obvious

11 Oct 2018

It's said that the science of big data analytics has revolutionized the game of baseball. That may be but sometimes these propellerheads can go to great lengths to prove something that's pretty obvious if you just think about it.
I recently read a scholarly article about pitching and how it affects your team's chances of winning it all. The conclusions?
  • If your starting pitching sucks and your bullpen is stellar, you will probably lose.
  • If your starting pitching is formidable and your bullpen is shaky, you will probably lose.
  • If your starting pitching and bullpen are "balanced." you have a good chance to win.
Based on this thinking the Red Sox and Astros should be the best bets to win, and the Dodgers and Brewers are the underdogs.

Of course implicit in this balanced argument is that you have a great starting rotation and bullpen. A balanced but bad pitching staff would be a loser anyway (hello Blue Jays.)
I guess we'll see how the rest of the playoffs go, but it seems obvious enough to me without all the SABRmetrics.

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