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Mozilla Firefox Version 58 Released with Security Updates

Yesterday, 02:36 PM

Posted by Corrine in Social Media
Mozilla sent Firefox Version 58.0 to the release channel today.  The update comprises three (3) critical, thirteen (13) high, thirteen (13) moderate and three (3) low security updates.

Firefox ESR was updated to version 52.6.0 and included the critical update for CVE-2018-5089.

Security Updates
Release Notes

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mx-17, uefi/secure boot, and my hp15 notebook

22 Jan 2018

Posted by saturnian in Bruno's All Things Linux
This is just a follow-up on what I mentioned in another thread...

Well, I'm taking one last look at trying to boot the MX-17 flash drive on my new HP 15 notebook, comparing things to the older HP 15, and trying to figure out why the new one won't boot the MX-17 flash drive but the old one will.

On both notebooks, Secure Boot and Legacy Support are both disabled, and the boot order is set as I noted earlier in this thread: http://forums.scotsn...showtopic=95707

That boot order is:

Internal CD/DVD ROM Drive
USB Diskette on Key/USB Hard Disk
OS boot Manager
! Network Adapter

I tried enabling Secure Boot, but the MX-17 flash drive wouldn't boot with that enabled, so I went back and disabled it.

I have tested 8 different distros on the new HP 15 notebook. All of them boot into the respective distro's live session, except for MX-17. The seven that did work:

- BunsenLabs Deuterium (bl-Deuterium-i386_20170429.iso)
- Grml64--full_2017.05.iso
- KNOPPIX 7.7.1 (created with flash-knoppix from a live session running from DVD)
- kubuntu-17.10.1-desktop-amd64.iso
- debian-live-9.0.1-amd64-gnome.iso
- gparted-live-0.29.0-1-amd64.iso
- SalentOS-Neriton-2.0-amd64.iso

The MX-17 flash drive boots fine on the older HP 15 notebook -- no problems there. For the new notebook, I used GParted Live for the partitioning, and I used Debian Live for the installation.

I followed the same steps for the new notebook that I used on the old one: I deleted all the partitions (wiping out Windows), and repartitioned. sda1 is a 512 MB fat32 partition; there's a swap partition, and the other partitions are ext4. I looked at GParted on both computers to see if there was any difference in the EFI partition, but I can't see any differences.

On the new notebook, df -hT shows sda1 as follows:

/dev/sda1 vfat 511M 132K 511M 1% /boot/efi

These are the only two UEFI/Secure Boot computers that I own, so I don't have much experience with this stuff.

I have not yet brought this issue up at the MX Linux forums, but I'm following a thread there where some related issues are mentioned: https://forum.mxlinu...p?f=104&t=43895

I might chime in on that thread at some point, but for right now I'm just gonna follow the thread and see what happens. Other than that, I'm about ready to give up on this issue, although curiosity might get the better of me in the end! Again, this is not a critical issue as I am not trying to install MX-17 on the new HP 15 notebook, but it does kinda bug me that the same flash drive works on all of my other computers, and the same flash drive is the only one I have that doesn't boot up the new notebook.

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fresh installations, etc.

21 Jan 2018

Posted by saturnian in Bruno's All Things Linux
The other day, I installed Kubuntu 17.10. Well, I'd taken a look at Dedoimedo's review of that release (not good: https://www.dedoimed...rk-upgrade.html), but I know from experience that just because Dedoimedo doesn't like something doesn't mean that it won't work out here for me. Sure enough, the installation went fine and Kubuntu 17.10 looks good here. I'll probably replace it with the 18.04 LTS release later this year.

These days, I tend to like the Ubuntu "flavors" (as well as derivatives/spin-offs -- Linux Mint, for example) better than Ubuntu itself, mainly because I don't like that Ubuntu includes stuff like the ubuntu-amazon-default.desktop package (see: https://www.lifewire...-ubuntu-4134329). Kubuntu doesn't ship with that Amazon stuff. In any case, I think that Ubuntu (especially if it's an LTS release) provides a really great base for other distros. I really liked Lubuntu when I had that running here a while back.

Also, I got a great deal on a new HP notebook (as if I really needed another computer!). Couldn't pass it up, so I brought it home and installed Debian Stretch on it, from the Debian Live (GNOME) 9.0.1 flash drive that I'd used back in July. I haven't done much with this installation yet; got it installed, got the basic setup done, updated the system (to 9.0.3), added a few packages, that's about it. I just wanted to make sure that I could install Linux on that machine.

Odd issue with the new notebook: I couldn't boot it with the MX-17 flash drive. I get "unknown filestystem" messages -- for example:

error: unknown filesystem.
unaligned pointer 0xb24c8be8
Aborted. Press any key to exit.

But (1) the same MX-17 flash drive boots my other computers just fine, and (2) every other flash drive I've tried on the new HP notebook booted into the respective distro's live session with no problem. I've booted it with Debian Live, GParted Live, and the SalentOS live session. Just now, I tried the Kubuntu 17.10 flash drive and had no problem booting into a live session with that one, either. So that's interesting; maybe I'll make a new MX-17 flash drive and try it later. The weird thing is that MX (like Mepis, years ago) is usually the one that works when other live sessions don't!

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