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How to do privacy and security

15 Dec 2017

Posted by sunrat in Security & Networking
Best article I've seen on how to keep your stuff private:


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MX-17 Released!

Yesterday, 07:35 PM

Posted by sunrat in Bruno's All Things Linux
I reckon this is in the running for the best distro ever award. I installed and used the RC-1 recently it it looks slick, runs efficiently and just behaves politely (mostly. I have one petty inconsequential gripe with Thunar, not MX's fault).
The added MX tools are excellent and the installer is a breeze.
Get MX-17, you'll be glad you did!


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Probelm with Linux Mint 18.3

Yesterday, 12:10 PM

Posted by jolphil in Bruno's All Things Linux
Hi all.
A few days ago I came across a  HP-Pavillion-TS-Sleekbook-15 laptop. It was dead and was  discarted by the owner. Nothing more than the AC power adaptor had a broken wire where it plugs into the computer.A quick solder repair took care of that issue.The previous operating system booted into the login screen(Windows 8.1). I did not want to break into someone elses files or data so I decided to wipe the HD clean and install Linux Mint 64 18.3. The install went perfect . During the Linux boot,I was informed the Battery was defective(not just uncharged but defective). Anyway I removed the battery and run the computer from the AC charger.I loaded various games and software and was going to give it to my daughterinlaw.  After a week or so of testing all went fine so I decided to purcase a new battery.The battery was plugged in and charged to 100%. The system worked correctly, booted various times with no prpblems. I shut off the computer and pulled out the AC charger and tuned on the laptop,it got to the logon screen then froze.No mouse, no keyboard,no nothing.Had to hold the power button to shut off the hard freeze.The last day or so i determined that as long as the AC power was plugged in,the computer worked perfectly.But if you booted the computer then removed the AC adapter plug,it would soon hard freeze. No setting of the power monitor for the battery settings made any difference in this issue.My guess the battery is not defective but it is a software bug somewhere that is causing the problem.I googled but did not find a specific similar example.
Has anyone ever run across something like this?  This is a first for me.
Thank you

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