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Running Old Software

21 Jul 2017

Posted by raymac46 in All Things Windows
My neighbor across the street asked me to help out with a software issue today.
He was running a program called Simply Accounting and it wouldn't work any more. Why an 85 year old retiree needs to keep his personal finance records on an accounting program is beyond me - but I digress.
Turns out his copy was from 2011 and when he got it the user ran a standalone program on one's local PC. The company has been sold and now it's mostly a cloud based software as a service product. Probably the standalone program has been patched many times. I think there is an up to date standalone version still available.
He had a few glitches so he uninstalled and reinstalled the software, putting him right back to 2011. The program uses a MySQL database and immediately the program informed him that the database format was now incompatible. His data is apparently toast.
I thought maybe we could run a system restore but the only restore point was 9:30 AM today and he couldn't say for sure that he had removed and reinstalled after that time. So I didn't want to chance it.
I advised him to take his laptop to the local computer store. They are pretty literate and maybe if he buys or installs the latest version of the software it'll be able to import his data. Failing that maybe they can parse the database and get a report so he can re-key his numbers.
Why people insist on running obsolete software I'll never understand. But this was one problem I didn't want to try to fix.

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Living with Sid

Today, 03:05 PM

Posted by raymac46 in Bruno's All Things Linux
Since I got my used Thinkpad to run as a Linux testbed I have been chugging along with GNOME in Debian Sid. I started out with Stretch when it was still in Testing but decided to live a bit closer to the edge.
So far Debian's unstable branch has been pretty stable - except once in a while when I decide a dist-upgrade is in order. Yesterday such an upgrade proposed to remove 150 packages including such things as Abiword and Gnumeric. This looked like a good way to blow up my Debian install so I went for the safer apt upgrade instead. Today I checked and dist-upgrade was only proposing to remove 2 packages so I figured that was safe enough.
Debian does warn that there are times in the Sid repository when all the dependencies haven't caught up to some major package introductions and that you should never just bash ahead without checking what might go down. Good advice.

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Why 'experiental' marketing will be a massive IT challenge

Yesterday, 06:28 AM

Posted by Computerworld in Computerworld News

In the 1989 comedy Back the Future, Part 2, Marty McFly travels into the high-tech, space-age future of 2015 where he encounters, among other dazzling wonders, a shark hologram advertising Jaws 10.

That kind of advertising is called experiential marketing, where consumers are deeply immersed in a brand in a way that's novel, emotional and memorable.

Advertising on the web, TV, radio, print publications, billboards and elsewhere is here to stay. But it's being supplemented and boosted by the rise of experiential marketing with the aid of powerful newly ubiquitous technology. Unlike more traditional forms of advertising, it appears at first as if experiential marketing doesn't scale.

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