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Today, 02:58 AM

Posted by saturnian in Bruno's All Things Linux
I haven't tried this one myself, but ArchLabs Linux was "inspired by" BunsenLabs. I'm a big fan of BunsenLabs even though I don't really use it these days, as I prefer my own Debian Stretch + Openbox installation. Still, BunsenLabs is easily my favorite Debian derivative, so maybe one day I'll have a look at ArchLabs. Can't imagine that I'd ever replace Arch with it, but I might like ArchLabs for a quick installation on a spare computer.

Anyway, thought I'd post a couple of links, for those who might be interested:


They've got a tutorial about installing ArchLabs in Virtualbox, too.

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Free GPS for PC - W10?

Yesterday, 04:56 PM

Posted by JerryM in All Things Windows
My son is about to retire, and move back to this city. He is looking for a  house to buy, and Mom and Dad are looking at his favorites. Strangely enough the "direction finders" I did use in years past don't seem to be accurate or responsive. I want printable driving directions here locally.

I have a couple of programs for my Kindles, but cannot print as my printer is not WiFi. So I need a GPS for my PC running W 10 so I can print driving directions.
Anyone here with information or recommendations?

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Remastering a Live Linux DVD

27 May 2017

Posted by onederer in Bruno's All Things Linux

Ok, I can't choke my computer, so I had to come here, for maybe possible relief?

We all know about backing up our data. Well, this time, I jumped into the idea. PCLinuxOS has a program to remaster the OS into a live DVD. I thought that I'd try it out, and at the same time could gain a backup that images all my current setups, in a live, installable DVD format.

I did all of this to save my PC in case a disaster would happen. It took 6.5 hours for the image operation to finally end. But I found that the program did not go all out, to also take the steps load (burn) the final product into a DVD. Nor go into instructions to do it right, at that point.

To make sure that I'd have enough room to hold all the data, I chose to use a BD disk. I used a "dd if= of=" to try to transfer the .iso file into the BD platter. I couldn't get the machine to recognise that a platter was sitting in the burner. The entire file was 14GB.

Then I resorted to kick the k3b application on, to see if that would be successful. That's when all he.. broke loose. No luck making that image to transfer to the BD platter. I even tried with an external USB BD burner. No luck! Dusgusted, I decided to lay low for a while. I then found out that the OS no longer was able to launch any applications.

The very action that I did to protect myself against future problems, did me in! I'm writing this, in the machine with the broken OS, using a Live DVD (not of my making). Looks like I'm going to lose a lot of important things in my present setup, by doing a fresh installation. I only wish that I knew which files damaged, needed to be replaced, to save the system. I forgot the error code that came on the screen. And I didn't understand the criptic way it was presented.


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