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Unknown Crashes

22 Nov 2017

Posted by DarkSerge in All Things Windows
Something is disturbing my system and I don't know what.

About a week ago, my system randomly and unexpectedly rebooted. I was sitting here and suddenly without errors or odd behaviour, the system just rebooted. Not a normal reboot with a shutdown screen - just BLINK and I'm looking at the boot screen.

Several days later, the system completely locked up when I attempted to open a browser. Complete freeze - even the mouse cursor wasn't moving.

Friends and coworkers suggested overheating issues. So all day today I've been monitoring the task manager and the system temperatures but I didn't see any red flags. Once every hour or so I jumped onto the computer just to check status. Eventually I came back and the system had restarted.

System logs have no errors before the reboot/crashes. There is only the error messages after the reboot telling me the system shut down improperly.

The only changes before these issuess were 2 Windows Updates the day before my issues started:


Does anybody know of any issues with one of those?

There is a restore point before the update, I haven't restored it yet. If I do use a system restore point, should I disable Windows Update so it doesn't reinstall the update? I also have a bootable USB with Memtest86+ I will run later in the day when I have time.

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New Slax release

19 Nov 2017

Posted by sunrat in Bruno's All Things Linux
Slax has released a new version several years after the last one. It's based on Debian! Sorry Eric.


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White House makes public rules for disclosing vulnerabilities

15 Nov 2017

Posted by crp in Security & Networking
interesting. guidelines have been around for a few years but they were kept secret.
Know anyone can take a look and see how much they agree and disagree with the rules.
Note that these are rules but not regulations or laws.

https://www.whitehou...arter FINAL.PDF

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