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Battery Issues

Yesterday, 07:33 PM

Posted by DarkSerge in All Things Windows

Is there a way to do a kind-of battery reset on a laptop with Windows 10?

The charge level indicated for my battery is never accurate. Sometimes it'll jump indicated charge levels when I plug it in and unplug. Example, it shows 70%, I plug it in, it jumps to 80% or sometimes lower like 60%, then I unplug and it'll jump again to something else like 75%. Very inconsistent. Once it said "0%, not charging" (and worked just fine if I unplugged it.)  Other times it'll show I have a charge then just turn off (no shutdown or warning, just BLINK and it's off because the battery's dead.)

It's an older laptop, about 7-8 years, so the battery is that old too and I didn't take good care of it in its early years. I'm trying to be more battery smart with it and not leaving it plugged in unless the laptop is on and currently in use. A full charge and then full discharge doesn't seem to be having any effect (especially if I don't know my true power levels.)

I think when I first upgraded to Windows 10 is when it really hurt the battery. I didn't know about "Hybrid Shutdown" at first, and the laptop was set to that, so until I disabled it, the battery would drain completely dead.

It might just simply no longer be a good battery, and I rarely have any situation where I need it to run on battery for a prolonged amount of time. Is there a way to do a reset on the battery or something? Is there a battery driver that can be removed and re-installed or anything?

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State of the Video

20 Sep 2017

Posted by raymac46 in Bruno's All Things Linux
What video card and driver are you using these days and how's it working for you? here's my personal State of the Video Summary:
Intel (couple of older laptops.) Well, it's Intel. Not flashy but it works. There is no proprietary driver - all FOSS.
Nvidia (an old desktop and one I recently fixed up with Linux mint 18.2.) I continue to run the proprietary driver on the old desktop (GTX 650) because I had trouble earlier with Nouveau and Cinnamon desktop. Now it appears that recent kernel upgrades fixed that and Nouveau worked fine on the machine (GT520) I set up for my 90 year old Linux client. I left it that way. I still like the proprietary driver best though.
AMD (old Trinity APU laptop and my Linux main driver (R7 360 discrete card.)) I had lots of problems with the discrete card but that is now in the rear view mirror. I don't have any option for the proprietary driver but FOSS has always worked great - if it worked at all. Even though I am an AMD fanboi I have trouble recommending a new Linux user try AMD. I am still on the older radeon driver because my hardware is now quite obsolete by graphics standards.
What would I recommend these days?. Intel baby unless you are gaming or need heavy 3D support. Then Nvidia I guess - even though I hate ripping out the FOSS driver stack. I will reserve judgement on the latest AMD RX lineup - although older cards now work OK.

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Check swap fstab/blkid match

19 Sep 2017

Posted by sunrat in Bruno's All Things Linux
You know how the swap UUID can get changed and mismatch fstab when you install a new OS in a multiboot setup? Here's a command to check if fstab swap entry is correct:
if [ $(grep swap /etc/fstab | awk '{print $1}') == $(blkid | grep swap| awk '{print $2}'|sed s/'"'//g) ]; then echo "All is good";else echo "Swap UUID is different to fstab";fi
I saved it to my Zim Desktop Wiki repository of handy tips and commands.

Funny story how I came to this - someone posted a command on Debian User Forums purporting to do the same thing. I had a quick look at the command and realised it was comparing 2 identical commands so couldn't possibly flag a mismatch. Of course I had to fix it. :)
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