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My systems' configs

Yesterday, 10:42 AM

Posted by securitybreach in Bruno's All Things Linux
Here are the specs of my current machines:

Desktop:  Posted Image Server 1:  Posted Image Server 2:  Posted Image

Linode VPS: Posted Image Workstation Laptop: Posted Image Main carry laptop: Posted Image

I have a few other systems but these are the ones that currently get used.

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New mechanical keyboard built from parts

Yesterday, 05:50 PM

Posted by securitybreach in Hardware
This is a custom DZ60 with cherry blue switches and cherry stablizers that +Yan-Fa Li helped me build.

DZ60 REV 2.0 60% MECHANICAL KEYBOARD PCB plate with miniusb -- https://kbdfans.cn/p...t=1678642544653

Cherry MX Blue Switches -- https://kbd.fans/pro...ant=40117059469

DNZ60 CNC Plate - Alu ANSI 2.25U -- https://kbdfans.cn/p...t=2208864436237

PCB Mounted Cherry Stabilizers -- https://novelkeys.xy...ant=37479388938

GK64 XD64 pbt blank caps -- https://kbdfans.cn/p...nt=256056590349

Config files with build photos https://github.com/s...eyboard_Project

I have had a few mechs but this is by far the best one that I have had. I really liked my Pok3r but one thing that I was missing were the arrow keys. I use hjkl while in vim but I like having arrow keys for other things. +Yan-Fa Li suggested that I use this layout and he was right, this is very cool. He did an excellent job on the build and I couldn't be any happier. Thanks again man!!

Hehe I couldn't deal with the Win key so in the last pic, you will see the only top facing key.. ;)

The only thing that I am missing is the awesome case that I will be buying in a few weeks. The Tofu case:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Layer 1 keys:

Posted Image

Level 2:

Posted Image

Layer 2 is accessed via the mod key (I use capslock key) + whatever I  set as a level 2 key. Since this keyboard's firmware is opensource(and hosted on github), there are lots of things that I can. For instance, there are a total of 16 levels that I could program on this keyboard. These are the defaults for a prebuilt keyboard in this format so I changed a few  of them around:


This keyboard also has RGB lights but I do not care for lightening so I turn it off.

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My eyes!! this is not good IMHO...a modern text browser....

Yesterday, 10:09 AM

Posted by wa4chq in Bruno's All Things Linux
ouch....I just saw while scanning TecMint....
" Browsh - A Modern Text Browser That Plays Videos And Everything".  I'm thinking the "everything" was a typo and should read "Browsh - A Modern Text Browser That Plays Videos And Makes Your Eyes Cross And Leaves You With A Headache!!!"

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