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Check swap fstab/blkid match

Today, 07:54 PM

Posted by sunrat in Bruno's All Things Linux
You know how the swap UUID can get changed and mismatch fstab when you install a new OS in a multiboot setup? Here's a command to check if fstab swap entry is correct:
if [ $(grep swap /etc/fstab | awk '{print $1}') == $(blkid | grep swap| awk '{print $2}'|sed s/'"'//g) ]; then echo "All is good";else echo "Swap UUID is different to fstab";fi
I saved it to my Zim Desktop Wiki repository of handy tips and commands.

Funny story how I came to this - someone posted a command on Debian User Forums purporting to do the same thing. I had a quick look at the command and realised it was comparing 2 identical commands so couldn't possibly flag a mismatch. Of course I had to fix it. :)
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New phone -- Galaxy Note 8

Today, 01:48 PM

Posted by securitybreach in Mobility
So Friday I went by Tmobile and upgraded my LG G6 to the new Samsung Note 8

6.3 Inch Super AMOLED screen 1440x2960 (521 ppi)
8 Core Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 processor
6gb ram
64gb internal with a 200gb sdcard
Dual 12 MP cameras/8 mp front cameras
Bluetooth 5.0
USB-C Connector


Posted Image  Posted Image  Posted Image  Posted Image  Posted Image

I switched the launcher to Nova Prime and replaced all the defaults with Google instead of Samsung apps. The above shots do not do it justice as I had to use an old camera. The screen is one of the best screens I have ever seen on a phone and I have owned a lot of phones over the years.

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More Wifi Weirdness

Yesterday, 02:48 PM

Posted by raymac46 in Security & Networking
One of my neighbors dropped by today. He has a Canon MX-510 wireless printer that stopped working after a recent power outage. He had spent 3 hours on the phone with Canon support and they finally got his desktop and his wife's iPad working with the printer. Then he tried his laptop and it failed. He didn't want to call Canon again. Could I help?
Usually this is a straightforward matter of either reinstalling the printer or setting it as the default so I agreed.
When I got there I found that Charlie had 3 instances of the printer already installed on the laptop and one was set as default - but it was offline. Fine. I deleted all copies of the printer from the laptop. But then when I tried to reinstall the printer couldn't be found. After some fooling around with the printer settings I was able to print out its IP address - This looked OK.
I tried to ping the printer from the laptop and it timed out. I tried the gateway and it timed out. I switched to the desktop and pinged both gateway and printer successfully. I asked Charlie - can you get on the Internet with this laptop? Oh yes. What the heck?
I checked the IP on the laptop - and gateway - WTF?
Well it turns out Charlie had an ISP gateway with a Cisco router inside - network inside network. Somehow the laptop was connected to the outer LAN and everything else was connected to the Inner LAN. Why he has this he couldn't say. I disconnected the laptop from the outer LAN and connected to the inner LAN and I had the printer installed and printing in 30 seconds.
How people manage to do this to themselves I'll never figure out.
Charlie has a new ISP gateway supplied to him by Bell and on Wednesday we'll do some geeking it up and get all his stuff connected to one LAN. Never a dull moment with IT in the hood.

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