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White House makes public rules for disclosing vulnerabilities

15 Nov 2017

Posted by crp in Security & Networking
interesting. guidelines have been around for a few years but they were kept secret.
Know anyone can take a look and see how much they agree and disagree with the rules.
Note that these are rules but not regulations or laws.

https://www.whitehou...arter FINAL.PDF

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Living with Sid

15 Nov 2017

Posted by raymac46 in Bruno's All Things Linux
Just a brief note on how things have gone for me with Debian Sid over the past few months.
  • First of all a used Thinkpad is a great testbed for Sid - or any Linux distro for that matter. I avoided the Optimus graphics option and got a Thinkpad with plain vanilla Intel. It works great. The laptop even came with an early gen Samsung SSD so it's plenty fast and powerful. There are a number of Thinkpad specific power saver packages you can install to give great battery life. As with all Debian distros you have to install an Intel wifi package that is non-free but after that wifi works fine.
  • There is an element of livin' on the fault line but I've only encountered two glitches so far and they were fixed in a few hours.
  • Lotsa upgrades. Every time there are more than 100 packages and that's updating every few days.
  • I am surprised at how much I like Gnome Shell. The latest version is pretty smooth. Mind you I've installed a few Gnome Shell Extensions to customize my desktop. Right now I have what looks like a combination of Xfce and MATE.
To conclude I think Sid works fine for me as an experienced user. Maybe someone less experienced would like Debian Testing but it runs into update problems just before it switches over to Stable. That's only every couple of years though. Debian Testing also gets upgraded a lot.

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migrating firefox bookmarks from Windows 7 to PXCLinuxOS

15 Nov 2017

Posted by réjean in Security & Networking
Hi everyone!
We had a problem with our modem 2 weeks ago. We got it replaced but since then my wife cannot access the internet from her Windows 7. There is an old PCLinuxOS distro installed on the same hard drive that I haven't used for a long time which can connect to the internet which she has started to use. Now I would like to move her bookmarks from Windows to Linux but when I move her profile I get an error message. I am willing to uninstall firefox and delete the .mozilla folder and any other before reinstalling.
Can someone tell me what is the best way for her to have access to her old bookmarks again? Thanks@

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